Obama in O Canada? Oh really?

February 20, 2009

Hey Blog Guy,

I heard President Obama made his first trip out of the country since taking office. Wow, I bet it was someplace exotic. Italy? Mongolia? Bhutan?

He went to Canada.

Canada? That place up there where we go for cheap prescription drugs? What on EARTH did he do?

Oh, there’s plenty to do in Canada. Obama toured the famous “Really, Really, Really Long Hallway of Lots of Flags.”

I guess that could be neat. What else?

He visited the very popular “Really, Really, Really Long Line of Saluting Mounties.”

Wow, now I’m getting kind of interested! Did he eat any Canadian food?

Don’t go there. They eat something called poutine up in Canada, and there are some topics I just won’t write about in this blog.

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President Barack Obama (L) and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper walk down the Hall of Honour on the way to a news conference on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, February 19, 2009.

Obama walks past an RCMP honor guard.

REUTERS photos by Jim Young

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Your blog proves the stereotype that Americans already have in Canada…. that they are ignorant. Canada and USA have always had very important trade relations, we provide a lot of natural ressources and electricity to the states, not to mention tons of other things like NAFTA! EVERY president has always made their first visit to Canada, and there are reasons for this tradition (except for Bush who no one likes here anyways).Maybe you do not know much about the world that is outside of your states, but Canada has a lot to offer, including liberal, open-minded, cultured people, great arts, social services, well structured finance industry (you guys could learn a bit) and amazing travel destinations, like a HUGE region that speaks French and has a European culture (no english is not the only languages in north america, i doubt you even acknowledge Spanish).

Posted by Canadian | Report as abusive

Your comment proves that whether it be one or many — some Canadians cannot take a joke. I live in Maine, am originally from over the border, but still enjoyed the guffaw. I love mounties!Mellow out, eh?

Posted by Rol3yn | Report as abusive

The post by the “Canadien” proves that all persons from Canada are stoopid. Go back to France and have some wine, instead of filling the web with your whining!

Posted by Smart Americano | Report as abusive

Your comment proves that you’re a laid back ladies’ man.

Posted by Sam B | Report as abusive

As a recently naturalized US Citizen and still a very proud and patriotic Canadian, I’m proud that the first country that Obama visited was Canada. We’ve had a long and strong history between the two countries and I know for a fact that Canadians love Obama.Looking forward to change!

Posted by Dual Citizen that Voted for Obama | Report as abusive

Smart Americano said: “Go back to France and have some wine”I love oxymorons like your nickname, which is further reiterated by your “smart” comment!

Posted by Etch | Report as abusive

you seriously think NAFTA is a good thing? You are probably one of those morons who can’t wait for Mexico, Canada, and U.S. to become one single country and form the North American Union. No thanks…by the way…how is that nationalized health care working out for ya?

Posted by Marty | Report as abusive

Hopefully the American troops being sent to Afganistan get along better with the Canadian troops already there, better some of you blogggers !!

Posted by Proud to be a Canuck | Report as abusive

On the eve of his first foreign visit, Canadians put together some brief videos welcoming President Obama to Canada:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6 bk2YjfPTg

Posted by Canadian Tourism | Report as abusive

This is supposed to be a joke? How would you know? It just sounds like the average American’s knowledge of Canada. I am an American, and I find these comments as condescending as they are stupid. The average Canadian knows far more about Americans that vice versa, so all these xenophobic comments do is illustrate our ignorance. If this had been written by a Canadian describing what a bunch of gun-toting, crime-ridden, religious whackos we are, Americans wouldn’t find it at all amusing.

Posted by Paul | Report as abusive

As a dual citizen, I found this to be hysterical. I am a very, very proud Canadien but living in America I have come to enjoy the stereotypes that each country has for the other.

Posted by M | Report as abusive

Hey Canadian,Canada provides NAFTA? It was my understanding that’s a trade agreement…and not an actual resource to be contributed by one country or the other. Just saying.That, and ‘EVERY’ US president? Be careful with absolutes my canadian friend. Perhaps ALMOST every president since Ronald Reagan would be more accurate. You are right though, George W was the sole exception during that time frame, choosing to visit our southern neigbor Mexico first and visiting Canada shortly after. Guess he decided they were important to us to… just a thought.As for culture…? That’s debateable, but in reality mostly a matter of opinion so I won’t bother argueing. But if you want liberal open mindedness move to some place like say, north western United States… Seattle or Portland perhaps?Anyway I could go on, I’ve honestly never been Canada’s biggest fan, but I’ll forbear. Mostly I wanted you to realize that if you’re going to try to argue the point not all Canadian’s are idiots… think before you post.

Posted by Johny Rossi | Report as abusive

Is this supposed to be funny?”They eat something called poutine up in Canada, and there are some topics I just won’t write about in this blog.”What? ‘Freedom Fries’ as you call them topped with gravy and cheese? Sounds like everyone down south would love it.If you want to get on a long line of flags and how stupid it is, I won’t bring up what I call the Clinton Monument in the National Mall (Washington Monument).

Posted by Max Udaskin | Report as abusive

This article is almost as idiotic as when CNN tries to report on anything aviation related and calls in their “Aviation Expert” who only knows about the American Space Industry.

Posted by Canadian Aviation Enthusiest | Report as abusive

Ummm…you’re just not funny, man. Wow, that sucks.

Posted by K. Paige | Report as abusive

Several of you on this thread (Canadians and Americans) can’t spell. Some of you need to work on grammar as well.=D

Posted by Zayda | Report as abusive

We two countries have something in common. Our current leaders do not reflect the general citizenry of our countries. Mr Obama is very intelligent, intuitive and competent, and Mr Harper is an ostrich with his head in a very confined space of his own making. Ironic isn’t it.

Posted by Northof49 | Report as abusive

How did an ODDLY ENOUGH blog get stuck into some strange offshoot of a political discussion. HE ARRANGES PICTURES AND MAKES JOKES. The pictures look like there are only flags. Everyone needs to learn how to take a joke–Americans and Canadians. Everyone jokes about the ”plaid menace sweeping from the north” and about crazy Americans. Learn to not take yourself so seriously and you might enjoy life , even just a little.

Posted by Nicole | Report as abusive

i really just love the flame war started from a lame ‘joke’ post that resulted in far too many people with far too much time on their hands fighting to prove a point.I’m happy to be Canadian – but aren’t there more pressing issues to debate/argue/cry about?**awaits the continued flaming.. hurrah!**

Posted by Amused | Report as abusive

“I know for a fact that Canadians love Obama.”Cool….you take him, despite the propaganda in the media, only 52% of Americans voted for him, only 1% more than voted the last socialist (Bush) into office.But seriously, trying to have a serious political discussion on a comedy blog is just ridiculous.It’s a joke. It’s funny. Chill out.

Posted by Benjamin | Report as abusive

Marty,Nationalized health care is working great! You know I had cancer and guess how much I paid for my treatments directly out of my pocket?!?$5.00 each day. For the parking.Sure taxes are a bit high, but at least our system works.

Posted by Yooge | Report as abusive

It seems discussion has disintegrated into a petty squabble over this insightful blog on “The Beavertail Summit” — so named because the Obamawa visit included the purchase of another Canadian delicacy: The beavertail, a delectable deep-fried flat piece of dough sprinkled with sugar. The culinary delight pays tribute to the rodent whose pelt helped put Canada on the map (preferred by white male Europeans). When discussing trade and Canada, let us never forget the historic lust for beaver-fur hats. Most Canadians were glad that Dubya stayed away, preferring to be ignored, rather than invaded or forced into some militaristic act of submission.

Posted by Janet | Report as abusive

Obama’s visit has been called The Beavertail Summit. See Canuck reporter David Dakin’s account: http://davidakin.blogware.com/blog/_arch ives/2009/2/19/4098603.html

Posted by Jeaniebell | Report as abusive

hey blog guy – David Akin’s account is quite good but for some real insight into the events, check out mine: http://storyjuice.blogspot.com/2009/02/t ale-of-tail.htmland stop knocking canada. sure we have an excess of flags, but so does bhutan: http://www.aasianst.org/gallery/Bhutan/P rayer%20flags,%20Bhutan%20-%20Colin%20Da y.html

Posted by tracey | Report as abusive

o – and on the subject of poutine, here’s why mr. obama should be happy that he went to ottawa and not toronto: http://www.blogto.com/eat_drink/2008/10/ poutine_chain_set_to_unleash_gravy_curds _on_toronto/

Posted by tracey | Report as abusive

I guess in my case I was just very astonished that Reuters, a supposedly intelligent and credible news service, has their name associated to such an ignorant blog post. I understand that oddly enough is supposed to be funny, but I am used to seeing Oddly Enough articles with witty humor, not humor relating to what some may call an important event that is based on stereotypes that make the author sound like he is 12 years old. Come on – poutine and Mounties, and “don’t go there” what? I would not be surprised to see one or even several blog posts like this out there somewhere on someone’s personal site because, let’s face it, we all know how Americans like to depict Canadians. The sad part is that these stereotypes are pretty much all we ever hear and are quite possibly the only things average Americans really know about Canadians. Ultimately this just reinforces everyone’s stereotypes about Americans and makes me think that it would be nice if people in the US would be a little more open to learning about other countries. I think if Americans did this to fight their own stereotype, it would definitely make the US an undisputed superpower.

Posted by Another 2 cents (CAD) | Report as abusive

He went there to tell the Canadians to not worry about the buy american clause in the stimulus bill. America doesn’t have to right to buy american anymore according to international trade laws.

Posted by jason | Report as abusive

The real reason Obama went to Canada? To get away from his winging countrymen who blame the world recession on every one but themselves. Oh and isn’t it nice that there is an American wiling to venture out his own country.

Posted by Paul Hyland | Report as abusive

[…] a lot for asking. Now I’m going to have nightmares again. Poutine is a dish consisting of french fries covered in cheese curds and gravy. They eat it up there in […]

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