Merkel and Urkel?

February 22, 2009

Blog Guy, I just can’t get enough news about what German Chancellor Angela Merkel is doing. Did she go anywhere this week?

You bet! She visited the Grand Duchy of Clownlandia, where she met with…

Wait a freaking minute, Blog Guy! CLOWNLANDIA? What’s the capital?

Bozoville. Everybody knows that. So anyway, Merkel met with the Clown Crown Prince, and…

You’re so full of it. I know you. You concocted this story just so you could use that Merkel and Urkel? headline, right?

Come back when you’ve got proof. So Merkel and 4,000 Clownlanders got into one small car and toured the city, while…

I’m out of  here. Merkel and Urkel indeed!

Bye-bye! Honk your nose if you get to Clownlandia!

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel with carnival revellers during a reception in Berlin, February 18, 2009. REUTERS/ Tobias Schwarz

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Dear Blog Guy,

I hope they will consider you as Grand Marshal for the Red Nose Day on March 13. (Since yours is natural.) Just to keep you in the knows, they will be unveiling the Clarabell memorial.

They also will be reviewing the predictions of Nostrildamus.

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Yeah, Merkel said it best: “Who are those clowns over there?”

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Wait a minute. Is that a real clown or somebody just dressed like a clown?

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

Oh, those are real clowns alright! There are laws against imitation clowns in Clownlandia.

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Send in the clowns,
There ought to be clowns,
Don’t worry they’re heeeere.

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Errr… which one’s Merkel and which is Urkel?

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