Lips the color of bug-splat on a windshield

February 23, 2009

Mr, Johnson, the police are very grateful for your help, since you’re the only witness who has come forward about the murder.

May we please go over your description again? I can’t believe our sketch artist got it right.

You say the murderer was a woman, with dark hair “cut just like one of the Stooges,” and yellow lipstick? YELLOW?

Okay, and it says here the woman you saw “had dark crap all around one eye like a raccoon.”

And if I’m reading your statement right, this woman was wearing “white chintz curtains?”

Now think back, Mr. Johnson. What was it that made you think this Stooge-haired, yellow-lipped, coon-eyed, curtain-clad woman might be the killer?

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A model wears a creation by designer Jose Castro during his Fall/Winter 09/10 show at the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week in Madrid, February 20, 2009. REUTERS/Juan Medina

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I could never be a fashion designer. I have way too much taste for that.

Not enough taste for anything else, but waay too much to be a fashion designer.

Posted by Golden Ace | Report as abusive

I’d send her out naked before doing that…

Posted by crash! | Report as abusive

Sure, you can say that now, Dee, but come next fall you’ll be in line to buy exactly this outfit.

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive

I have work fashion week before and designers show off some crazy designs most of it is made just as a concept piece. you will never see anything that crazy in a store.

Posted by tamma | Report as abusive

My cat loves to unravel the toilet paper. He made a similar design just this morning. Next time I’m gonna take a picture and see if I get this thing into mass production!

First I have to get to the store to pick up some more toilet paper.

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

It appears that designer Jose Castro is from Clownlandia, the part of Clownlandia where the creepy clowns come from.

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

I think Ive played this game before at a bridal shower….its the winning design from the toliet paper dress! WOWEE!

Posted by Melissa | Report as abusive