Don’t I look sexy now, Popeye?

February 24, 2009

Blog Guy, I really need some fashion advice! I’ve been dating a sailor for oh, 70 years or so, and I need help keeping him interested.

How about taking cooking classes?

No, he has very simple dietary tastes. I’m afraid I’ll have to do it with a “new look.”

Okay. Judging from your hair and figure, I’d suggest some of these creations from Fashion Week in Madrid.

Thank you! They’re great! How do you think I look?

Um, well… Have you thought of dating somebody else?

Sure, there’s always Bluto.

That dog from the Disney cartoons? Okay, go for it.

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Models present creations by Juanjo Oliva during the Pasarela Cibeles Autumn/Winter 09-10 Fashion Week in Madrid, February 23, 2009. REUTERS/ Andrea Comas

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Bring back Alice the Goon!

One other thing — Pebbles Flintstone also had that hairdo.

Posted by Buck Wolf | Report as abusive

I think one of those models would make a fine addition to my new sub. After all, I DID notice that there were no periscopes!

Never mind. The viewing lens would be placed in a rather delicate spot. Knowing how anorectic these models look, I think that I could get some bruises from banging my face into protruding hip bones, too.

Ah, me. The bill keeps on adding up, mon Capitaine Basler!

Posted by Tim | Report as abusive

they look like a curtain on a rod & a lamp wearing a shade.

Posted by Kay | Report as abusive

Please fead the models… :)

I think they are ugly like that…
but that is just my way of thinking…

Take care,

Anedotas e muito humor gratis em

Posted by UmNome | Report as abusive

I think these models look great. I think they may be ahead of the fashion time as of now. But I can see the potential. Its the very very rich that love to be different. Im sure the wardrobe is 10,000 or more.

Posted by Sonny | Report as abusive