Keep playin’ the squeezebox, money man!

February 24, 2009

Blog Guy, all this economic meltdown stuff really has me upset! I blame the stock traders. Isn’t there any way to punish them?

I’m not sure if it would be legal here, but it looks like over in Germany they’re forcing traders to come to work in appropriate costumes, dressed as prisoners, devils, pirates, accordion players, prostitutes….

Accordion players! Like in a polka band? That’s harsh!

Well, exactly. If we tried that in the States, some namby-pambies would say it was too cruel. But if some concerned citizens take action on their own, who are we to stop them?

Yes! Thanks, Blog Guy! I’m going online for Accordion Rentals right now. Who’s with me on this?

Those wacky German traders, slideshow

Those wacky German traders, video

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Stock traders at the German stock exchange in Frankfurt, February 24, 2009. Despite the crisis, Frankfurt’s traders followed a long tradition to wear carnival costumes at Germany’s carnival Tuesday. REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach

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A convict; a pirate; Satan.

Finally a photo of the President’s economic stimulus team.

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Hans and Kurt were so bummed they didn’t win the costume contest. The prize was a giant wiener schnitzel…

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The Palladium is a college dorm, and yes– they will be selling “2 Buck Chuck.” Due to New York City Liquor laws, there is a separate “Wine Store” located on the other side of the Palladium entrace (the main store will sell beer). A worker on the s…

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