Here they come, let’s listen in…

March 10, 2009

“As you can see, Your Highness, the people of Chile are happy to see you and… HEY! Who DID that?

“I see that smirk on your face, Duchess! You think I don’t know you goosed me with that umbrella?

“Do it again, and you’ll be walking a lot straighter than you are now, Mary Poppins!”

“Oh is that right? Charles, did you hear what she said to me? I warned you, I won’t put up with crap like this! If I can’t goose a few people with my umbrella, then…”

“Camilla, shut your cake hole! This isn’t Europe! Don’t make me unbutton my jacket!”

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Chile’s President Michelle Bachelet looks at the umbrella of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, as Britain’s Prince Charles stands with them before inspecting an honor guard at La Moneda Government Palace in Santiago, March 9, 2009. REUTERS/ Ivan Alvarado

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They they had a Royal-Mud-Fight? If so I dont want to know about it…Cheers,UmNomeAnedotas e muito humors é no site , subscreve a newsletter e recebe anedotas gratuitas no teu email todas as semanas.Não sabes o que oferecer no dia do Pai? No site encontras muitas ideias… Tambem te ideias para prendas de natal ,dia da mãe, namorados etc..

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