Another busload of yokels, Santino!

March 11, 2009

Blog Guy, are humans the only animals capable of abstract planning?

I get that question a lot. Watch this stunning video report about Santino, a chimp who plans for feelings he knows will exist in the future.

Like writing a letter to an unborn child? Or hitting a rap music CD with a claw hammer before you even listen to it? What does Santino do?

He prepares piles of rocks to throw at tourists in his animal park. He knows they will be coming, and he knows he’s gonna be annoyed. Brilliant!

Here I am, a human being, living in a place where tourists come non-stop, yet when they go by wearing their silly Hawaiian shirts, by the time I find something to toss I can barely even hurt them.

I see. So the lesson you are taking away from this would be?

Be like Santino! Put old eggs and bags of dog poop on every windowsill!

But what if the tourists are nice and well-mannered?

Are you on drugs? Yo, Santino, did you hear what this guy just said?

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I bet Santino would really like to play Doom or Call of Duty or something…

Get the chimp a gaming console! He’s obviously bored.

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