Spread your wings, grasshopper!

March 14, 2009

Blog Guy, I have a science question for you. Is gravitational pull exactly the same everywhere on Earth?

Yes. Apart from China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, of course.

WHAT? I don’t know anything about that!

As you can see here, for some reason they have virtual weightlessness, and residents learn to just float from one place to the next.

I just Googled that, and there’s nothing about it. Is this just more of your horse poopy?

Let me change my story very slightly. These guys are rehearsing for a Chinese production of “Peter Pan.” Here, we see Peter leading the “lost boys” as…

You are hopeless! I’m never coming back here for information again!

That’s probably a good idea. You should go to Wikipedia. Be sure to look up my newest entry, “Weightlessness in Yinchuan, what’s up with that?”

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Paramilitary policemen attend a training session at a military base in Yinchuan, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, March 13, 2009. REUTERS/ Stringer

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Mr Basler!

All of these guys look way too Chinese to be called ‘Grasshopper!’

Even though David Carradine never looked even half Chinese in the revered TV show, ‘Kung Fu,’ always, when he showed in a western town or city, someone always whispered the word, “Chinese…”

At least no one was saying, “coolie!” Or “half breed.” Or the dreaded “chilatto!”

That was a good thing, no one mentining the ‘C’ word, eh?

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This just gave me a great idea – a proverbial slip’n'slide made of magnets. Magnets on you, magnets on the ground. You would be covered in +s and the ground would be covered in +s. You jump and essentially slide all the way across, weightless. HOW COULD WOULD THAT BE?

Posted by Ashton | Report as abusive

Ashton, we need to invent that RIGHT NOW

Posted by Mary K | Report as abusive

But how did they do it? Did they all jump at the same time?


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[...] Guy, a couple of months ago you said there were pockets of China that have little gravity. Do you have any more info on [...]

[...] Guy, a couple of months ago you said there were pockets of China that have little gravity. Do you have any more info on [...]