Nice job! What’s it pay?

March 15, 2009

I’m always amazed at the number of queries I get about careers in the exciting field of rattlesnakes.

Guys, having the word rattlesnake on your business card is a chick-magnet, trust me. But not all of those jobs are as glamorous as you might think.

Now, you take this photo, of a dude shining a flashlight into a snake den after pumping gas to it. Gas-Pumping Flashlight-Shiner is a bad job. It’s pretty far down the ladder, right under being the rattlesnake itself.

That brings me to you gals thinking of being a Live Rattlesnake Necklace Model. My advice, if you model snakes, the word DEAD should be in there, like Dead Rattlesnake Belt Model or something.

What snake job DO I recommend? I loved being the Rattlesnake Jokester, who carries an old rattle and shakes it right behind the Flashlight-Shiners. You should just SEE the expression on their faces as they run for the porta-jon!

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Above: A snake hunter shines a flashlight into a rattlesnake den after pumping gasoline into it as men with tongs wait to catch the snakes during a guided snake hunt at the World’s Biggest Rattlesnake Round-up, in Sweetwater, Texas, March 14, 2009.

Below: Sweetwater Jaycee drapes a snake around a woman’s neck as she poses for a picture at the Rattlesnake Round-up.

REUTERS photos by Jessica Rinaldi

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That’s right. Put up this job as being such a wonderful job, besides being a chick magnet type employment.

This makes me sad! What ever happened to the great job of land mine finding? I enjoy trampling around with snowshoes on, trying to find land mines!

Nothing makes me happier than to feel those pesky little detonators being activated!

What a joy it is to try to land with a perfect two feet plant, then looking at the judges, all holding their numbered cards.

OK, now I am past the knees, but a perfect two point thigh plant always makes me smile!

Oh, and by the way, a perfect landing is not all that hard. Snowshoes don’t seem to get along all that well with land mines doing their blowy uppy thingy, anyway.

Ah, the joy of victory! The agony of the feet!

Posted by tim | Report as abusive

And you mentioned something about maybe sorta like, rattle snake kissing is a job?

As in paid?

I think that I may have to re examine my charity work, after all.

Mine stomping may be really fun, but trying to find insurance is another job that really sucks!

Posted by tim | Report as abusive

I would think that the indoor venue of the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup is a “No Smoking” facility since having a gas-soaked rattlesnake wrapped around your neck would add an element of unsuspected danger.

Plus there is someone pointing a finger in the bottom left corner of the second photo as if saying “Look, she’s peeing herself!”

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

I had similar thoughts, Bill. Plus, regarding the gas-flooded snake nests, I keep picturing that guy saying,” Oh crap, my flashlight batteries are dead. Somebody give me a cigarette lighter so’s I can see what’s going on!”

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive

Well, I can’t tell you how many times a lighter has made searching for land mines so much easier!

Posted by tim | Report as abusive

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