Is that the snack shop line?

March 16, 2009

Blog Guy, last week you had an item about a Drug Museum in Mexico City. Is that for real? Because, you know, that’s one of my interests. What do they have there?

Oh, it’s real. Judging from our photos, it looks like they’ve hired Burt Reynolds to portray a drug trafficker, which has got to be kind of expensive for them.

Also, they have tableaus like the one below, showing a guy guarding marijuana crops.

Very interesting! Any idea what else they have?

I suppose maybe they have, like, a tableau of a dorm room at any college in the U.S., and maybe a tableau of Bill Clinton not inhaling. And I’m just guessing here, but I bet they have one heck of a snack section in the museum’s gift shop.

Do you think a museum like this will be popular?

Maybe. A lot of folks who visit will forget about it and go back, over and over.

Forget about what?

You see what I mean?

Drug Museum slideshow

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Above: Exhibit of a drug trafficker in the Drugs Museum at the headquarters of the Mexican Ministry of Defense in Mexico City, March 9, 2009.

Below: Exhibit of a man guarding marijuana crops is displayed at the museum.

REUTERS photos by Jorge Dan Lopez

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I wonder if they are supported by by drug lords who which to raise awareness about how much money and work is available in drugs

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Its like a museum of natural history, but it is not history and not natural :)


No site encontras muitas anedotas e humor.
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