Turning the tables on police?

March 16, 2009

Lonnie! Where you goin’ with my good table?

Nowhere, Ma!

Lonnie, I’m not stupid! You’re strappin’ my good table to yer car!

Okay, Jeez! I’m takin’ it down to our protest today, to throw it at the police.

Yikes, Lonnie! Throwin’ a heavy table at the cops? What are you protesting?

Police brutality, Ma.

But I NEED my table, Lon! It’s canasta night!

Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure it’s a deductible political donation. Plus, I wrote your name and address on the bottom.

Oh, you’re a good son, Lonnie!

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A protester throws a table at the police during an annual march against police brutality in downtown Montreal March 15, 2009. REUTERS/ Christinne Muschi

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I hope they throw the book at that guy, or le book, in Montreal.

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Yes, better to laugh instead of be mad at this actions when you protest for a cause or express a message.
It is so sad when protesters go so far in using any kind of violence actions…I think these is against the real meaning of protesting and raising your voice.
And by other hand authorities can sometimes abuse the punishment for those actions.
So, better protest pacifically, because any radical way is going to induce the responce of more radical behavior…..and the real message of the protest ….gone….no matter anymore that is not fair.

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is it just me or does it look like the chair is about to hit him and not the police

Posted by s | Report as abusive

How can a guy go arround in the street with a table to throw at the police?
Did he go on a bus there?
– Sorry sir, you need to pay a extra ticket to take the table with you…


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