All Nazi spies, please stand in this line!

March 17, 2009

Herr Blog Guy? Ve are a group of Nazi spies in 1939. Ve vant to infiltrate your country and look natural. Can you help us?

Um, I’m a bit surprised to get a message from 70 years ago. How does that work?

Ve haff ze technology. Now, about ze fashions ve vill need…

Oh sure, these outfits from a fashion show this week should be just perfect. Nobody will suspect you.


By the way, if you can contact the future, have you bothered to find out what happened to the Nazis?

Nein. Should ve?

Nah, don’t worry about it. Just copy the outfits and come on over!

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Models present creations from Portuguese designer Nuno Gama during the Lisbon Fashion Autumn Winter collection show in Cascais, March 15, 2009. REUTERS/ Jose Manuel Ribeiro

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It’s like the Monty Python sketch: 34

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70 years ago. Sorry–the math was bothering me.

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Thanks, Jill. You’re right, of course. I’ve corrected it.

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I am portuguese and did not know that we were making cloths for spies. :)
This reminds me Alo Alo…


No site encontras muitas anedotas e humor.
Presentes e prendas de natal em

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