Dancer formerly known as Prince

March 18, 2009

Blog Guy, it’s ME! I’m the guy who collects photos of U.S. presidents dancing, and your blog helped me out with some that I was missing.

So now, I’ve expanded it to include royalty, as well. I thought maybe you could help me out again.

That’s a tough one, but our photographer caught up with Prince Charles a couple of days ago, and he was nice enough to do the Carimbo for us.

That WAS nice of  him!

Well, I think our photographer slipped him a few bucks for his trouble.

Isn’t the Carimbo the dance where the female drops a hanky and the male partner picks it up using only his mouth? Did you get Charles doing that?

Don’t push your luck, Slick. Our photographers don’t carry that much cash with them.

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Britain’s Prince Charles dances Carimbo, a typical dance of the Brazilian Amazon region, as he visits the jungle town of Maguari March 14, 2009. Prince Charles is in Brazil on an official visit.  REUTERS/Paulo Santos

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I think we have to be glad the photographer didn’t carry that much cash on him. Can you try and imagine how much taxpayer’s money would have gone into stretching and realigning Charles’ back and upper lip if he tried to pick up a hanky from the ground with his mouth?

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heard people with blue blood are actually taught dancing… among other things, that is…

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