Sorry, may I withdraw my question?

March 18, 2009

Blog Guy, as a journalist I imagine you’re happy to be in a country with a free press, unlike some other places.Amen to that! Like Canada, for instance.Um, I believe they have a free press in Canada, don’t they?Yeah? Tell that to the reporters who went to a local official’s news conference yesterday, where he waved a big snake at them every time they asked a question!Did you read that someplace? Nah, I just saw a picture.I’m sure you know that didn’t really happen. Why did you make it up?So I could show our actual photo caption below, which carefully identifies the guy as (C) for center, so that easily-confused readers won’t mistake him for the snake.

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British Columbia Environment Minister Barry Penner (C) holds onto Pisco the boa constrictor following an announcement on new restrictions with regards to controlling the owning and breeding of exotic animals, at the aquarium in Vancouver, British Columbia March 17, 2009. REUTERS/Andy Clark

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As to the first part of this blog?Yes. You may withdraw your question.Please send 19.95 and a signed statement that you would like this question withdrawn.Number two?I know that, of course, you would not fit into this category, but I have known several bloggers that have a scaly appearance, slitted pupils, and discernible cold blooded temperatures.So? Are you sure that the ‘being’ known as ‘C’ isn’t in all actuality a snake?Snakes have feelings too!Unlike some bloggers.Except for you, Mr Basler. Except for you.

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There is always free press… just ones more free then others…Cheers,UmNomeNo site encontras muitas anedotas e humor.Presentes e prendas de natal em

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A politician and a snake together? Can you say redundancy?

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“I’m being eaten by a boa constrictorA boa constrictorA boa constrictorI’m being eaten by a boa constrictorAnd I don’t like it one bit.”- Shel Silverstein

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