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March 19, 2009

Blog Guy, I represent a project to open a Johnny Cash Zoo, and I….

A what?

You know, a zoo where all the animals dress in black, like Johnny Cash did.

What would be the point of that?

Our target audience is families who want to go to the zoo, but don’t want to be cheered up by the visit. We also own a Johnny Cash Circus and a Johnny Cash Amusement Park.

Ah. Clowns dressed in black?

Totally. So anyhow, I’m looking for a designer who can do our animal wardrobe.

I recommend this guy, who just presented a whole bunch of creations like that.

Great! He can start tomorrow, in our Dark Cave of the Rabid Bats!

Sounds like a good place for him.

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Models present creations from J. Smith Esquire during the Barcelona fashion Autumn Winter collection show in Barcelona, March 18, 2009.REUTERS/ Albert Gea

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Do not tell me that this is Fashion?I wounder if there is someone that really buys this… maybe for halloween…Cheers,UmNomeNo site encontras muitas anedotas e humor.Presentes e prendas de natal em

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Ah the glamour and happiness in the life of a fashion model… Aren’t we all envious of them?If there’s anything these fashion pictures have been teaching me, it’s that your own life, no matter how bad, could always be worse.

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Dear Mr Basler,I am one mor follower of your blog in facebookRegards!Armstrongfl

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Ninja elephant…or an ingenious way to hold up a bank? You decide.

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