Fashion models just hanging out?

March 20, 2009

Earlier this week I did an item about a hot new fashion trend, dresses that leave one you-know-what exposed, so a woman has to cover it with her hand. I pointed out many flaws in this design, like if you’re left-handed it’s hard to take notes in algebra class and stuff like that.

But some readers were like, “Bob, that’s just one dress, it’s not a trend, so shut up.”

Well skeptics, you heard it here first. Behold a similar creation from a fashion show yesterday, in MIAMI! Unless this model is just wearing her dress backwards, the trend has arrived on our shores and we have to accept it.

Women, I guess it’s time to get out ahead of the curve, so to speak, and start practicing. Take one of  your old dresses and some scissors, do your own design, and wear it out to a restaurant this weekend. If anybody objects, send them to my blog.

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A model displays a creation designed by Kimya Glasgow on the first day of Miami Fashion Week in Florida March 19, 2009. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

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Great new fashion! If we could match this with a two handed handshake, when meeting people life would be grand !

Posted by Pleased to meet you | Report as abusive

You know…some little tassles or pasties would probably make a little more sense….

Posted by K | Report as abusive

To Robert Basler:Be careful what you wish for. If you think all women have nice little breasts like models you are sadly mistaken. Some breasts are creepy to look at and it’s a good thing they remain covered.

Posted by Dan | Report as abusive

I believe female athletes in the ancient Greek Olympics competed with one breast exposed. Been there. Done that.

Posted by david | Report as abusive

That chick is smoking hot and her and her boobs need to be in pictures more.

Posted by Wouter | Report as abusive

Women didn’t compete in the ancient Greek Olympics, nor were they allowed to watch since men competed in the nude. However, the Amazons in Greek mythology were a tribe of warrior women who removed one of their breasts so that it would be easier for them to throw spears.

Posted by Chuck | Report as abusive

Not to throw spears, even though it is a close call, but to use their bow. Sword wielding is easier as well without these… burdens, in a way. :)

Posted by V | Report as abusive

The Amazons used bows, not spears. Their right breast obstucted the bowstring when they fired, so they cut it off (the breast, not the bowstring).All in all, a stupid fashion.

Posted by John M | Report as abusive

it is a little sad that designers should resort to thisunderhanded sleight of hand to garner a little slither offame for themselves and their dark little worlds’.but the greatest misjustice is the insult to the gorgeousmodels who have to put up with the peevish, whimsical nature of said DESIGNER, just to earn a few greenbacks and maintain a little continuity of work.guessing designer males’ come and go, but beautiful, intelligent women are here to stay; more power to them…

Posted by bretto | Report as abusive

It’s just a boob.

Posted by Tlj | Report as abusive

I just wanna see it all to make sure it’s real!

Posted by Preacher | Report as abusive

I think it’s fun and whimsical fashion that is long overdue. We, as Americans, have become even more prudish than we were 20 years ago! What’s the deal with that? It’s time to loosen up and have fun for a change!

Posted by Delia Ordonez-Tate | Report as abusive

I agree with Tlj it’s just a boob :-/

Posted by poot | Report as abusive

In these tought times, we’re all cutting back.

Posted by Shawn Hendricks | Report as abusive

The Congressional FCC Wardrobe Malfunction Oversight Subcommittee only cares if the event was broadcast. In the United States, that is.

Posted by Shawn Hendricks | Report as abusive

I think it’s a beautiful design! Also note you could wear a lacy bra or tank of another color if you are scared of baring it all! I am so very proud of the designer Kimya Glasgow who hails from the island of St. Vincent & The Grenadines…Kudos Kimya! :o)

Posted by Jacqui | Report as abusive

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Posted by Nine gifts that keep on giving | | Report as abusive

The design looks good. I like it.
webcam modelling

Posted by Netmodeling | Report as abusive

It’s definitely an interesting design, and in retrospect it never made it into mainstream fashion (I know, weird right..? 😉

If you want to wear dresses like these I guess you’re going to have to become a model, given they usually don’t go on sale.

Nice post!

Posted by Modeling | Report as abusive