Honey, will you marry… Ewwwww!

March 22, 2009

So now they’re selling a diamond and gold-leaf “carat cake” as a $2,500 gift for guys to give when they propose marriage. I see disaster ahead.

“Honey, we’ve been dating for two years, and I have something to ask you…

“Here, have some of this very special cake while I’m talking. Go ahead, dig in.

“You know, I love you deeply, and I want… Ooooh, I guess your tooth fillings are reacting to those gold leaves, like chewing on a piece of Reynolds Wrap. Sorry.

“Anyway, we’re so happy, and… Sweetie, your gums are bleeding. See, those things are real diamonds, not Jujubes. Looks like you’ve cracked your front tooth…

“I didn’t think you’d cram all that gold in your mouth. You look like a fricking Colombian drug lord!

“You know, when you chew with your mouth open like that, the blood just sprays out. The diamonds must have cut a mouth artery or something… What was I saying? Never mind. It wasn’t important…”

Businessman Angelito Araneta Jr. shows a chocolate cake topped with 15 African diamonds and covered with 24-carat gold leaves, which he plans to sell at $2,558 to men for use as a marriage proposal gift. REUTERS/ Romeo Ranoco

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Mr Bob,

What you said was a mouthful!

Seeing as how I don’t want a mouthful, I believe that I won’t be showing this to my wife any time soon.

Just keep up the understatement though. Over is it overbitement?

Posted by tim | Report as abusive

Any man who buys this for his potential fiance had better have a ring with a diamond the size of a softball too. I’d be severely ticked off if my man spent more on a freaking cake than on my ring.

Dude had better be sure she’s gonna say “yes” too. I’ll bet the return policy on a cake is a little tricky.

Posted by K | Report as abusive

im an french businessman based here in the philippine, i never thought that such art will be shown by a youngster filipino like him. i mastered every single little thing on marketing scheme but seeing him pose his craftmanship wanted me to be willing to study under his university as i have heared he’s still a student. does anybody hier know where can i contact this young entrepreneur?

Antonino Pirelli

Posted by Antonino Pirelli | Report as abusive

to Bob,

you post is funny, i like your humor! haha! i hope you can help me contact this youngster by emailing the contact detail of him to me


Posted by antonino pirelli | Report as abusive

That is a big kind of desert :)
Dont they make it with cheaper things, like silver.. that i could buy…


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Posted by UmNome | Report as abusive

An open Reply for Mr. Pirelli.

I thank you indeed for such compliment Sir. however, im afraid that my school can probably not entertain your will as a student for the reason that i am in a public school which primarily educate Filipino citizens thereby makes you not valid for entry unless with a recommendation from your country (FRANCE/FRENCH GOVERNMENT) as an exchange student. Moreover, i will be willing to teach you privately as long as it wont divulge my secret recipes ^_^

you may visit my own blogsite at http://www.glutatime.multiply.com and see my contact numbers written therein

To Mr. Basler… (NICE POST ^_^)

Thank You!
Angelito Syjuco Araneta Jr.

Posted by Angelito Araneta | Report as abusive

Splendid Art! he is truly an artist.

Posted by Anton Lebeu | Report as abusive

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i only find this man’s idea weird but original.
I just imagined how sweet it is if my fiance gave this to me during his motion for wedding proposal and therein after made 2 bracelets out of the jewels on top to be a sign of our love and affection for each other. that’s the sweetest thing i shall treasure indeed.
i was all over Europe and never found anything edible purely made out of love and affection. though it was already everywhere in Europe that i see in exclusive restaurants and hotels that they cater foods with edible gold.
the price is actually considerably okay considering the fact that it has 15 brilliant African diamonds. i do really think the stones played a major role to its pricing as i cannot judge the product for i don’t know the owner personally. lastly, i would rather be saying that the one who buys this gets his value for the money and the moment. still, i do hope my lover shall be as sweet as him when he propose. Plus the moment of elegance and uniqueness of the idea. i would rather pronounce the price as Value, not Cost for it retains it’s value due to the stones incorporated above and the memory that will last a lifetime.

Posted by Blanco Sauvignon | Report as abusive

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[…] 2. Honey, will you marry….Ewwwww! […]

Posted by Topless makes it to the top? | iSawNEWS.com | Report as abusive

Forget cake! I want a laptop!

Posted by Rissa | Report as abusive

[…] 一个名叫Angelito Araneta Jr.的生意人想要把这个24k金粉 裹的点缀有15克非洲钻石的, 价值2,558美元(也就是17,394元 民币)的求婚蛋糕卖给那些计 划求婚的男人。说是让求婚的 程和闪闪发光的钻石戒指一 特别。 […]

Posted by 2,600美元(17,680元人民币)的求婚蛋糕?! « www.missniuniu.com | Report as abusive