Me want a Frap…Frap…Frap…

March 23, 2009

Blog guy, I saw some images from a confrontation in Canada over the weekend, with white supremacists vs. anti-racist activists. Is there any easy way to tell them apart?

Oh my, yes! Look at the photo below. All of the anti-racists carry Starbucks drinks. Grande size, if I’m not mistaken.

In this photo, an anti-racist seems to have spilled his drink after being punched, which means he’ll have to go immediately back to the end of the Starbucks line.

Thanks. But why don’t the white supremacists drink Starbucks?

Are you out of your mind? Look at this guy in the undershirt. Does it LOOK as if he could grasp a concept like venti half-caf non-fat latte?

I believe he’s shown here trying to place an order, but it’s anybody’s guess what they’ll actually give him.

“Yes Sir, you want pastry and spit with that?”

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Above: Member of the white supremacist group the Aryan Guard yells at anti-racist activists in downtown Calgary, Alberta, March 21, 2009. The Aryan Guard was marching to protest the “Celebration of diversity” that was taking place at City Hall in Calgary.

Below: Member of the Aryan Guard (R) punches an anti-racist activist.

REUTERS photos by Todd Korol

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I wonder, if in their training, do they do the famous Navy cadence thang.

Hip, hop. Hippety hop! Let me hear those frappies (ok, maybe the Navy uses ‘boondockers’) drop!

Posted by tim | Report as abusive

We’re all cousins aren’t we? And they wonder why i dislike some members of my “tribe”?

Posted by Vinny | Report as abusive

@Vinny, it’s called not being completely moronic. Anyone with half a functional brain can see that skin colour is completely accidental, so it does take the absence thereof (functional brain, not skin colour – just in case) to believe in supremacy of any kind.

Posted by M | Report as abusive

What’s funny is that dude in the top picture probably isn’t even a white supremacist. More than likely, he’s just a little pasty guy that’s been working out in his mama’s basement and wanted a chance to show off his newly acquired buffness.

World…meet the Albino Hulk.

Posted by K | Report as abusive

Wheres the Love. Both sides need a God encounter and deep healing of their hearts. Fatherless dudes need the Heavenly Father’s love. Jesus was stronger and kinder to everyone. Shalom Shalom, Dale

Posted by Dale | Report as abusive