Cheap remake of M*A*S*H?

March 30, 2009

Blog Guy, are you a licensed psychiatrist?

It depends. I am in some states, just not in the really picky ones. How can I help?

I feel like I’m being followed by helicopters. Oh, they try to be clever, but I always spot them. Three or four at a time, hovering overhead. Am I being paranoid?

Let me ask you this. Are you wearing a hat?

Why, yes! An original Little Shilpa creation!

Okay, take it off, put it on a chair and leave the room. Now do you see the helicopters?

They’re gone! You’re amazing! I guess they’re off to harass some other poor victim! Now can you do something about the polo players who are galloping after me?

I don’t know. Do you wear anything by Ralph Lauren?

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A model presents a creation by designer Little Shilpa during the second day of Lakme fashion week in Mumbai March 28, 2009. REUTERS/ Punit Paranjpe

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Not to be confused with mountain goat hat designer Lil’ Shirpa.

Posted by Eliott | Report as abusive

I wonder, does she cut hair too?

Posted by diwata | Report as abusive

She does not have to cut her hair- the helicopters chop it off once they get close enough.

Posted by Cross2 | Report as abusive

This outfit must have been inspired by the circle flies flying around the designer’s head. (Circle flies are so named because they circle around crap.)

Posted by Dr. Doll | Report as abusive

She does NOT look happy in that hat. She’s thinking “I don’t get paid enough for this crap”.

Posted by Brad | Report as abusive

The designer is “Little Shilpa”. Little Shilpa is 9. I guess.

Posted by naz | Report as abusive