Get a loin for your groin!

March 31, 2009

Okay design gang, as you know, when the fashion industry is out of fresh ideas we recycle old ones. Like when we claimed we invented sandals, for instance.

So I asked you all for something we could reinvent and sell. The concept should be at least 2,000 years old, so nobody still has them hanging in their closet from the last time they were in style.

Herb, your idea of a fig leaf was unrealistic. Where the hell are we going to get fig leaves today?

Kelli, I personally liked your suggestion of fresh-killed animal skins, but we’d have those PETA animal rights people breathing down our back.

That’s why I’m for going with Melanie’s idea of loincloths.

We’ll spin a bunch of advertising crapola about “liberation” and “freedom,” and it will be the hottest thing going!

How does this sound? Let’s say we want women to have “emancipation” from the tightness of conventional underwear!

Sure, I know you can also be emancipated from tight underwear by losing weight or buying bigger sizes, but where’s the money in that?

Roll the video of the new loincloth line!

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It’s nice to see an adult diaper that is also a little fashionable, no? They’ll be all the rage at the local nursing home!

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Hey K, I’m tryin’ to eat breakfast here…

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pork loin?

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Frankly, Bob, while I’m honored that you went with my fifth choice, I’m a little distraught that you passed up my “Birthday Suit” idea (see: Emperor’s New Clothes). Think about it… People would STILL totally fall for it; Birthday suits meet all of your criteria; and production costs would obviously be minimal. I think you should reconsider.

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[…] Get a loin for your groin! […]

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