Gumby, my pliant giant!

April 1, 2009

Blog Guy, I’m the happiest woman in the world! I’m engaged to marry Gumby! But I can’t seem to find an appropriate bridal gown. Can you help?

Sure, check out this lovely creation from a show in Moscow yesterday. It’s perfect. And congratulations! Gumby is quite a catch, even if he WAS working as a rickshaw-puller on a farm in China the last time we found him.

Oh, I talked my little claymation honey into coming home.

So he does whatever you want?

I’d say he’s very flexible.

Wow. Sounds like you’re the boss!

He’s like putty in my hands. Anyway, he’s joined his clay family business.

Oh yeah? What’s it called?


What’s  he like personally? I’ve always heard he’s very considerate.

I’ll say! Gumby would bend over backwards for you!

Ouch! Let me guess. I’ve been a good audience, you’ll be here all week, and I should remember to tip my waitress.

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A model presents a creation by fashion design students during the semi-final of the Russian Silhouette competition in Moscow March 31, 2009.  REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin

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Ladies and gentlemen, the haute couture body condom.

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Gumbo is all right, except I don’t really like slimy okra.Oh! Gumby!Well the color of Gumby is explained by a high okra diet, I suppose.

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They need a designer for Haz-Mat suits?

Posted by some other guy named Tim | Report as abusive

His she wearing a condom?Cheers,UmNomeAnedotas e muito humors é no site , subscreve a newsletter e recebe anedotas gratuitas no teu email todas as semanas.Não sabes o que oferecer no dia do Pai? No site encontras muitas ideias… Tambem te ideias para prendas de natal ,dia da mãe, namorados etc..

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