We’re lounging against The Man!

April 1, 2009

Today’s political protesters don’t seem to have the commitment we saw in the turbulent 20th century. I’ve ranted about golf-playing protesters, radicals who don’t quite get it, and protesters who only rally in historical costumes.

But this may be the worst. A photo of guys demonstrating against the G20 summit, IN FRICKING DECK CHAIRS!

That’s right. It’s like they came prepared to see fireworks or an eclipse or something.

“Excuse me, Alain, avez-vous the croissants?”

“Mais Non, Henri, but try some brie and champagne!”

We asked for comments but rally organizers reclined, so to speak. One protester did explain that lounge chairs make it easier to leave in a hurry when police are coming.

“You’ve gotta know when to fold ’em,” he said.

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Demonstrators sit on deck chairs in front of the former Paris Stock Exchange during a rally against the upcoming G20 summit, March 28, 2009. REUTERS/ Benoit Tessier

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Posted by We’re lounging against The Man! | Report as abusive

Any protesting fool can bring deck chairs to a demonstration but it takes a real commitment to your cause to bring the entire BEACH! These guys are truly passionate.

Posted by Jim R | Report as abusive

Well, protest does rhyme with rest and with digest, so no wonder French demonstrators are using off-hand ways to show their discontent. After all, what more anti-globalisation than eating croissants in Paris to protest the G20? Digest, rest, protest… all go together

Posted by M | Report as abusive

Please pass the tea and crumpets, eh wot?And let’s go to a nearby Starbucks! We can’t break windows at the Starbucks, btw. Where would get our lattes?

Posted by tim | Report as abusive

That one guy looks chilly.

Posted by Rissa | Report as abusive