April 2, 2009

Blog Guy, I heard the Italians are pioneering new treatment for coma patients. Do you know about this?

Yes, I think you’re talking about the one where beautiful Italian women wearing next to nothing move sensuously around patients in a last-ditch attempt to awaken them.

Interesting. what sort of success rate do they have?

Uh, it says here that for female patients, the treatment has done absolutely nothing.

That’s too bad. And what about for male patients?

It seems the success rate is 98 percent. It has even worked on a few dead guys.

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A dancer performs in front of Jose Mourinho, Portuguese soccer coach, during the taping of the television program “Chiambretti Night” in Milan, April 1, 2009. REUTERS photos by Paolo Bona

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Not a surprise it didn’t work on Mourinho, bear in mind this is the guy that keeps quiet and still throughout Inter Milan matches!! I guess he has frozen honey flowing through his veins, or something!

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That was a show on national television, what was he supossed to do, grab her and make sweet love to her? Come on…


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The sweet love was only shown on HBO. Unlike our host, when I sold my soul all I got was CSPAN2 so I missed it completely.

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Well, everyone’s different. I think that in order to get a statistically valid figure here, you need to increase the sample size. How does one sign up for the testing?

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Thanks for volunteering, Bandage. Just start hitting your cranium with a ball peen hammer. We’ll take care of the rest.

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You’d better be careful what you offer there, bro. She and that outfit make for some heavy artillery…

…*looking through toolbox* Ah! Here it is! Let me get started on this right now…. Um, how do I contact you when I’m ready?

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Bandage, all you need to do is flip on your video camera just before you start pounding.

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