Super-Scythe me, Saint Death!

April 8, 2009

It’s nice to see religions grow and everything, but I’m just not sure about this one.

We’ve got some photos from Mexico of followers of Saint Death, who it turns out is revered by drug traffickers and other criminals.

This saint, who isn’t recognized by the Catholic Church, is a scythe-wielding skeletal figure believed to perform miracles for criminals. So then what are lawyers for?

This isn’t totally compatible with my view of what saints do, but with all the saints there are it stands to reason there would be at least one who never read the manual.

And this could help explain some recent events, like how those executives managed to get huge bonuses out of companies in the toilet and stuff like that.

“Work faster, Eddie! Saint Death says the cops are coming! What? Oh, he says the combination to that safe is…”

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Above: A Saint Death tattoo.

Below: A follower of “Saint Death” takes part in a protest in Mexico City, April 5, 2009, after authorities destroyed a shrine to the “saint” in the violent border town of Nuevo Laredo. Church officials and police say “Santa Muerte” is revered by drug traffickers and criminals who pray to the image for miracles.

REUTERS photos by Daniel Aguilar

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Groooooaaaaaan (headline)

Posted by GoingLikeSixty | Report as abusive

Sorry, you groaned too soon. Wait’ll you see the blog item I’m posting in just a few minutes.

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive

Well they have a saint for everything. . . Why not give them theirs. . . oh wait! That’s because they are violent criminals. Kinda amusing really!

Posted by MTMFMarine | Report as abusive

Saint Death is Santa Muerte, a female (I know, it’s hard to tell from the skeleton). Traditionally she wears a wedding dress and she has all kinds of spin-off accessories like talismans, rosaries, figures, prayer books and candles. There’s even a movie about her. When somebody is going to do a kidnapping, he prays at her shrine first. It’s not the sort of thing you could ask the Virgen de Guadalupe for help with, you know.

Posted by 1st Mate | Report as abusive

Nice Paris Hilton tat’, hombre.

Posted by Shawn Hendricks | Report as abusive

[…] blogged before about Saint Death, this grinning skeletal figure who isn’t recognized by the Catholic Church, […]

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