She’s not driving home, is she?

April 11, 2009

Blog Guy, you’ve REALLY been around. You must have seen EVERYTHING!

Almost. The only thing I haven’t seen is a woman rubbing 24 chilies in her eyes. I’m still looking for a chance to… Wait! Here’s video of that very thing!

Awesome! But why would somebody do that?

I guess she drew the line at 25 chilies because, well, doing THAT would seem abnormal.

It makes sense when you put it that way. Still, couldn’t they lock you up for that in most places?

Of course. Look, I blame the Guinness people. Everybody wants to set a world’s record. Have you ever seen their whole list? The Painful Eye Stuff chapter alone has dozens of records, like:

  • Most eyes rubbed with deviled eggs
  • Most eyes rubbed with poison ivy
  • Most eyes licked by a wolverine named Timmy

Blog Guy, all due respect, is that true?

No, I made up those “records” to see if the chili lady would try for them.

So you won’t be trying to beat her record?

Nah. If I want to run away screaming from unbearable pain in my eyes, I’ll watch that new “Harper’s Island” show.

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Mr Bob!

I thought that was our secret, about me and my diquise as a wolverine!

Ohhhh. Kicking peoples eyes shut. Well, that’s different!


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I meant ‘disquise.’

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In some third world countries, pepper spray is not readily available….

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Thanks and greetings, K. You’ve still got it!

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