Keep your shirt on, sport!

April 12, 2009

Blog Guy, I hate to complain, but you used to do a much better job of covering really stupid sports for your readers. Aren’t there any hot new sports trends that are extremely dumb?

I’ll try to do better. Do you know about Jersey Sports?

Are those just sports in New Jersey?

No, they’re regular games but everybody has to wear their jersey or shirt in a way that makes it hard to see and maneuver. It’s enjoying a burst of popularity in soccer and tennis.

Thank you! I feel like I’m in on a new thing, and I can impress my friends. Do you think jersey sports will be confined to soccer and tennis?

Nope. There are plans for a Jersey Indy 500 and a Jersey Kentucky Derby. And I’m eagerly awaiting Jersey Bullfighting.

Amazing! Are there any Jersey Sports we aren’t likely to see on the networks anytime soon?

Yeah. Women’s Jersey Sports. Those are only on cable.

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Above: Moenchengladbach’s goalie Logan Bailly covers his face with his jersey in Germany, April 11, 2009. REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay

Below: Recent REUTERS photos of Jersey sports.

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