God speed, Lonnie, you got the right stuff!

April 13, 2009

Blog Guy, I’ve decided I want to be one of those space tourists. Do you know what that costs?

Not really, but a clue might be that we never mention their name in a story without having the word billionaire attached. You never read that “…middle-class U.S. space tourist Lonnie Johnson returned from space today…”

That’s right, now that you mention it. I guess you need to have a lot of vacation time, in case it’s delayed getting back. Isn’t there a cheaper way to do it?

Maybe. I’ve read that China  has cut some corners and now they’ll take you on a pretty convincing space ride for about six dollars.

Whoa! That’s more like it! I have almost that much saved already! Do you get to be weightless?

But of course.

Do you get to be dizzy and disoriented and sick and confused and everything?

That all depends on whether you can afford a couple of extra bucks for a bottle of maotai for the trip.

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Two girls from Henan province perform with a sling as they beg for money at a park in Shenyang, Liaoning province, China, April 13,  2009.  REUTERS/Stringer

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I used to be a skater in my younger days…
This looks like something that would be fun to do with (to) your ex-wife. I think I might try it. I’m sure her now-hubby would appreciate it also. He and I might go out and have a couple of maotai’s after LOL

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I wonder what happens if the girl on the roller skates slips a bit… Do we have a new form of UFO? Do the North Korean military get ideas for new ways to launch non-existent nuclear bombs?

Posted by M | Report as abusive

Ummm… by the way, did I mention that my real name really is Lonnie?

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