Another dozen jelly doughnuts, Mr. President?

April 14, 2009

Bolivian President Evo Morales got a controversial electoral law passed by his congress today after using a fairly unorthodox tactic.

Morales, shown here in photos during more caloric times, went on a hunger strike for nearly five days until he got what he wanted.

Not much is known about what he did during the strike because he stayed inside the presidential palace. He played a lot of chess and we think he chewed on coca leaves to ward off hunger pangs. He ended the diet after his victory today, having lost nearly nine pounds.

As far as we know, no U.S. president has ever gone on hunger strike, though it wouldn’t have hurt William H. Taft, who weighed in at 335 pounds.

Morales addressed his nation today, and while I’m not sure how that went, I presume he was kind of hard to understand, what with cramming Egg McMuffins and Krispy Kreme doughnuts into his cake hole nonstop.

I’m just saying, because that’s what I would have done.

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Above: Bolivia’s President Evo Morales eats birthday cake during a celebration of revolutionary hero Ernesto “Che” Guevara’s birth. in a 2006 file photo. REUTERS/Carlos Hugo Vaca

Below: Morales eats traditional food at the presidential palace in La Paz, in a 2007 file photo. REUTERS/Gonzalo Jallasi/ABI/Handout

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Gandhi went on a hunger strike, and people stopped rioting.

Evo Morales went on a hunger strike and got a law passed.

Our President can’t do that, he’s too skinny. He’d waste away to nothing, and then the new dog would snack on him on the South Lawn before burying him in the Rose Garden.

Someone get Obama a sandwich!

Posted by Krista | Report as abusive

Well Krista, he represents American minorities but not because he is African American but because he is thin…

Posted by Riga | Report as abusive

Please do not compare Gandhi with Evo Morales. Totally diferent minds, spirituality and goals.

Mr. President Evo Morales must be starting to be less manipulator and to really start madurating and do less tantrums to get what he wants. With all my respect for all who do hunger strike.
It is enough of egocentrisms, must be starting to think more in belhalf of the Bolivia’s population.

Posted by Maria | Report as abusive

Maria – I don’t think there is comparison going on. There is simply a few people who went on hunger strikes and got things done.

Posted by Nen Kickerson | Report as abusive

Hope you are right!:)
But ….”got things done”…mmmmm I am notso sure……it is not so easy and superficial.
Bolivia’s population deserves more respect and work for their unity.

Their culture and people must not be taken in that superficial way. Pacha-Mama(mother earth and people-in quechua) must be more respected.

Posted by Maria | Report as abusive

I bet his grandma is happy that he chose to wear the hat she knitted for him in that picture….

Posted by K | Report as abusive

The fella laughing behind him is saying- “Yep, I made him wear it!”

Posted by naz | Report as abusive