Baracks in a box?

April 20, 2009

Blog Guy, do you think President Barack Obama uses steroids?

Not until I saw the video of these new Obama family action figure toys. I mean, His muscles are bulging out of his jacket. And he looks just plain nuts.

But don’t all presidential action figures have kind of exaggerated features?

It depends. President William Howard Taft weighed 335 pounds, so his action figure came in four boxes and had to be assembled.

And President James Madison was only 5’4″ and weighed 100 pounds, so his action figure was made of pipe cleaners and came in a small envelope.

This is a fascinating bit of history! Tell us more Presidential Action Figure trivia!

Most people don’t know that the first talking Presidential Action Figure was the Calvin Coolidge doll.

You mean “Silent Cal?” But he was known for almost never talking.

Exactly. So the technology involved wasn’t much of a stretch.

I want more!

The most elaborate Presidential Action Figure set was President Warren Harding’s. It came with Harding, his wife, her illegitimate son, Harding’s mistress, and their love child, in a large box with a bulge at the bottom.

Why did it have a bulge?

Because Harding also had the largest First Feet, wearing size 14 shoes.

Wow! No wonder nobody can afford to miss this blog, even for a day!

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Wow! I hope that the President William Howard Taft does not come with assembly instructions from Ikea!

Posted by John Lauria | Report as abusive

no wonder he’s smiling! the only thing better than one michelle is two!

Posted by Rebekah Black | Report as abusive

I don’t know about Obama’s bulging muscles but Michelle looks like she could rip you in half with those arms. Bulging forearms and biseps, some one give the Michelle on the left a coat to cover those arms, she is scaring the children reading this blog.

Posted by Scared by Michelle | Report as abusive

where is the the bad guys!!!!!!! – bush and obama – lol

Posted by gary p | Report as abusive