Miracle bras: hooters and shooters?

April 22, 2009

You may have seen that story about a Detroit woman whose bra  deflected a bullet shot at her as she witnessed a burglary, saving her from more serious injury.

Every guy of a certain age will immediately think of Wonder Woman. I know, it was really BRACELETS that protected Wonder Woman from bullets, but guys looked at that red and gold bra on Lynda Carter and KNEW it did something miraculous.

But here’s the thing. I did some research, which isn’t like me. It turns out that as life-saving miracle devices go, the brassiere is right up there with penicillin and the colonoscopy.

Just a few days ago, gunmen attacked a bus in Brazil and fired at a woman, who survived because she was carrying wads of cash, you guessed it, in her bra. Clever headline writers wrote about her “treasure chest.”

Then there was the hiker in the Alps last year who, given up for dead, threw her brightly colored bra onto a cable car. Clever headline writers said she was saved from “twin peaks.”

It turns out, bras have saved enough women to make me suspicious of a propaganda plot involving the undergarment industry and headline writers. Is this how urban legends get started?

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Above: Lynda Carter, who played TV’s Wonder Woman, arrives at Kennedy Center in Washington DC, in a 2007 file photo. REUTERS/Mike Theiler

Below: Victoria’s Secret models pose at the launch of the Biofit Uplift Bra in Los Angeles in a 2008 file photo. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

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Posted by Beth | Report as abusive

Bra is still used as a “Treasure chest” in many parts of India.May I add a popular story on this.A woman lost her money while travelling in a crowded public transport bus.The police questioned her for details. “Where did you keep the money?”.”In the bra”, she answered.”Wow..! somebody took the money from your bra and you didnt notice it..quite unbelievable..!””I noticed..but never thought he was trying to pickpocket…”, she answered innocently.

Posted by jeevan | Report as abusive

It really is uplifting to read this type of news. It has raised my interest and cupped my dedication to reading this blog daily. Top shape article, Robert.

Posted by M | Report as abusive

Anyone who has worn an under wire bra will agree that they certainly feel like they could deflect bullets. Most uncomfortable!

Posted by Marla | Report as abusive

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[…] 3. Miracle bras: hooters and shooters? […]

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