The army exploits of Major Stoner

April 25, 2009

Blog Guy, I’ve noticed that every time you offer career advice about the military, all you do is write about the jobs you consider crappy. Are there ANY good jobs?

Yes. These troops here are watching as tons of marijuana goes up in smoke, if you catch my drift.

They’re just standing there.

I presume they’re also inhaling, if you catch my drift.

So this would be a good assignment?

Absolutely, especially when the Big Snack Truck shows up, if you catch my drift.

And all they have to do is be in a straight formation?

More of a Zigzag, if you…

Yes, I DO catch your drift, Blog Guy.! The village idiot would catch your drift!

Oh. Now I’ve forgotten what I was saying, if you catch…

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Soldiers stand in formation as packages of marijuana are incinerated at a military base in Monterrey, northern Mexico, April 24, 2009. More than 9 tons of marijuana and drugs such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines and psychotropic pills were destroyed as part of efforts to crack down on the drug trade. REUTERS/Tomas Bravo

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Wow, look at all that … air pollution … if you catch … oh, never mind.

Posted by Beth | Report as abusive

Mr Bob Dude,

It’s not a job. It’s an adventure!

Whoah. Why are those oranges bleeding?

Posted by tim | Report as abusive

They really should find a find a way to contain all that smoke, so that nothing gets wasted, if you catch my drift.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

Or so that everyone gets wasted…

Posted by jj | Report as abusive

I was just thinking how reading you blog was a waste of time, when I saw this article. You’re a genius blog guy!
Hmmm, some pepperoni pizza would be great right about now…