Got a date with an angel, gotta meet her at seven…

April 30, 2009

Okay Lonnie, this is a disaster and I have only my stupid self to blame!

I planned for DAYS to hit this hot singles spot for some action, and I invited you to meet me here to help me pick up gorgeous chicks. You know, introduce me, say good stuff about me and so on.

See, when I asked you to be my WINGMAN, that’s what I meant! I didn’t want you to show up bare-chested, with fricking WINGS on your back like an escapee from a cheesy Nativity scene at some male models’ Christmas party!

So now, here we are. You look like Icarus with too much ick!

What did you say? You know a great singles bar where the hot ANGELS hang out? Well that’s different, Lon! Fly us on over there!

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Models present creations with angel wings by Romanian designer Rita Muresan during Bucharest Fashion Week, April 28, 2009. REUTERS photos by Bogdan Cristel.

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Feeling the need to ‘wing it’ lately with your subject matter, are you?

Bob, What do you mean icky? It worked like a champ for John Travolta.

Posted by Lonnie | Report as abusive

Lonnie! Is that YOU?

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive

Dem Bucharesters be crazy man!