Looks like Miami, only Frenchier!

May 1, 2009

Blog Guy, you have written lots about exotic homes of the world’s leaders. Interesting stuff about 10 Downing Street, where Britain’s prime minister lives, and your amazing look at the unique home of Russia’s president. Can you tell us about other official residences, please?

Lots of them are named for colors, like our White House, South Korea’s Blue House, and Canada’s Pink House, the prime minister’s Ottawa home, named for the pink flamingos all over the lawn.

Why is it in Ottawa?

It turns out that’s the capital. Who knew? The locals call the flamingo-strewn residence “Tackytown,” but they prefer it to the former garden gnome motif, called “the Gnome Home.”

What’s your favorite official residence of all?

That would be the UK Prime Minister’s country home, called Chequers. The official residence of China’s top leader is an exact copy of the place.

You don’t say. And what is theirs called? No! Wait! Don’t say it!

You’re too late. Chinese Chequers.

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Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper looks at plastic flamingos placed on the front lawn of his official residence, while walking with his daughter Rachel in Ottawa, April 30, 2009. Staffers placed 50 plastic flamingos on the lawn to mark Harper’s 50th birthday. REUTERS/ Chris Wattie

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Mr Bob,

And what is wrong with pink flamingoes being strewn about the lawn?

Keep in mind, I do live in a hillbiesque type town.

By placing phony birds of formerly picturesque statement of ‘Look, Ma! I’ve made it as high as I can possibly get,’ as seen previously in trailer parks, which are now displayed by the upper reaches of society, here in the Ozarks!

That plus the fact that hillbillies seem to be frightened by these ‘devilish lookin’ birds’

Even if they don’t move!

This is as good as it gets, in this burg of Ozark inbreeding!

Come to Warsaw, Missouri, Mr Bob!

I am glad this ain’t rubbin’ off on me, boy howdy!

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