Wanna see my Chipmunk, baby?

May 9, 2009

Blog Guy, you write a lot about military careers, and I could use some advice. I want to be able to wear a whole bunch of medals, to impress the chicks.

So you’re saying you want to see lots of combat and earn medals of honor and valor and purple hearts and stuff?

I don’t wanna see combat at all. I just want a butt-load of medals.

Ah, then move to Britain and serve there. Look at this photo. Prince Charles did five years in their military, and look at the medals and braid and geegaws he has.

Yes! That’s what I’m talking about! What did he have to do for those?

It says here he learned to fly a bunch of stuff, like a Chipmunk and a Nimrod…

I’m supposed to attract chicks by saying, “Wanna go up in my Nimrod, baby?”

There’s more. He’s also qualified on the Spitfire.

That’s a WWII plane. They stopped making ’em 60 years ago! “Hey, cutie! Wanna come with me to get some Nazis?” I’m not Snoopy, for Lord’s sake!

Hey! You want trinkets all over your uniform, you need to fly some silly planes. I don’t make the rules.

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Britain’s Prince Charles and his wife leave after attending a Service of Thanksgiving to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Naval aviation, at St Paul’s Cathedral in London May 8, 2009. REUTERS/ Stefan Wermuth

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Mr Bob,

If you want a chest full of medals, try joining the US Air Force! Why, you even get a ribbon for finishing their ‘boot camp!’

I have seen more medals or ribbons on a four AF vet than I have seen on many 20 year old Navy or Marine Corps vets!

Truly, a veritable fruit salad of many colors!

I am not picking on Army guys. I have too many people living as neighbors that have retired from the Army that still have their ‘shooting skills’ intact.

I wouldn’t want my daughter to die of ‘collateral damages,’ you know.

Oh man. Whiteman AFB is pretty close. Maybe I think everyone should have boot camp medals, after all!

There! Can I run for public office, now?

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I love the question. I am a ten year Army veteran and have five ribbons although one has two oak leaf clusters which signify a total of three awards. My awards cover one and two thirds row. Look at the WWII vets or WWI vets and they may have one row or perhaps two rows. Check on Audy Murphy’s medals, the most decorated veteran of WWII. Compare all of this to today where ribbons are awarded for simply completing training. I suggest the Public Heath Service first then the Air Force.

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Godwin’s law. You lose.

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You gotta remember though, Audy got the CMOH.

The big blue, make Generals salute you medal.

For going beyond the call of duty? Ya think?

I think.

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