No running on the tightrope, kids!

May 12, 2009

Blog Guy, can you tell me some stuff about high wire?

You mean the 50th state, home to President Obama?

That is the worst pun I’ve ever read. I’m talking HIGH WIRE, like in the circus.

Well, I know that just PLAIN tightrope walking is for sissy weenies these days. These photos show guys competing in a high wire SPEED RACE.

Awesome! So that high wire speed racing is the new macho thing?

It is if you don’t think you can cut it in the MAIN event, Speed Racing Blindfolded on a Flaming Gas-Soaked Tightrope in a Lightning Storm Amid 2,500 Dive-Bombing Rabid Bats.

I see. Hey, what’s that thing left behind on the wire by the guy who dropped his bar?

I’m not sure. It could be some kind of adult diaper.

That’s what I was afraid of.

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Alfred Nock Jr. of Switzerland helps Ya Kefujiang Maimitili of China after Ya dropped his bar in the speed race of the 2009 Hangang High Wire World Championship in Seoul, May 10, 2009. REUTERS photos by Jo Yong-Hak

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As a resident of Illinois, I must strongly protest the numerous frequent puns that imply our 44th president is a resident of Hawaii not Illinois. We demand Illinois puns! 😉

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Well, these two clearly think very highly of each other.

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Well, I have been ILL since this last election.

There! Satisfied now?

And as everyone can see, that is one acrobatic parrot hanging on the underside of the wire, allowing traffic to pass on by safely.

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Ok…who led the blind dude onto the tightrope?

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Okay, it was more of a joke than it was a pun.

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