What Jack Bauer won’t tell you?

May 14, 2009

Blog Guy, I know you’ve blogged about the TV series “24”. I see the two-hour season finale is coming up. Is it too late for me to start watching?

Geez, why would you think that, just because you’ve missed 22 hours?

So the ship has sailed?

Nah, you can always jump into this series just for the finale, as long as you remember the unfailing “24” rules:

  • Everyone you think is good is really bad
  • Everyone you think is dead is really alive
  • Everything you think Jack Bauer’s daughter knows, she doesn’t
  • Everyone who ever worked for CTU was a mole, but somehow they all missed seeing each other at the annual CTU Mole Christmas Party

That’s awesome! When did you figure all this out?

I guess it was in Season Five, when Mother Teresa opened fire on the U.S. President with an Uzi, but Adolf Hitler stepped up and saved him.

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Above: Cast member Kiefer Sutherland poses at a screening of the season finale of “24” in Los Angeles, May 12, 2009.

Below clockwise: Cast members Annie Wersching, Carlos Bernard, Mary Lynn Rajskub and Elisha Cuthbert at the screening.

REUTERS photos by Fred Prouser

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Mmmmm…. Elisha Cuthbert….

Posted by Bandage | Report as abusive

I know going to the well repeatedly is what 24 does, and certainly the format of each show is about as predictable as a House episode, but I can’t believe we get to the end of this final season and it comes down to Elisha Cuthbert’s character managing to get in the middle and a “daddy, daddy, save me” BS all over again. I was willing to live with the flip flopping of Tony Alameda’s character and all the other impossible crap, but Cuthbert’s whiney bs at the end of this season has pretty much ruined the season for me.

Posted by Mike B | Report as abusive

What Bandage said.

Posted by Tim | Report as abusive

Jack Bauer must do the following to bring back loyal viewers that ditched the show after season 2:

1)Turn to Bill or Chloe and say “just a second I need to take a leak” and then step into a men’s room or porta-potty.

2)After shooting bad guys, and commandeering an innocent bystander’s Cadillac CTS, Jack needs to point a gun at a hot dog stand vendor and say “Give me a foot long, everything on it and hurry!” And of course he has to eat it.

3) Be shown sleeping (not unconscious in some container on a ship bound for China). Shagging a fellow agent doesn’t count as sleeping.

4) When confronted with an impossible situation he needs to turn to Tony and say “You got us into this crap, you figure out how to get us out!”

Then, and only then, will the viewers return!

Posted by jpljpl | Report as abusive

Yes to all the above, but I still watch the show
and can not wait to watch the final 2 hours. Who will
he kill in the van?? anyone? everyone?
tell you later

Posted by David | Report as abusive

what tim said

Posted by S | Report as abusive

when are they going to change the name to 24/7 from just the plain boring 24. Because really the show has gone on for quite some time and the 24 just keeps on getting reset…

Posted by teachur | Report as abusive