You had garlic bread for breakfast, didn’t you?

May 21, 2009

Quick quiz: Well-to-do socialite Paris Hilton and this guy here are…

  • Discussing if they can get to the bar in time for Wednesday night $1 margaritas.
  • Singing that Captain and Tenille hit, “Muskrat Love.”
  • Shooting a mouthwash ad that will only be seen in Japan.
  • Flirting shamelessly; She’s saying, “I’ve done hard time, big boy, that changes a girl!” and he’s saying, “You’re a socialite? So you think the government should own everything?”

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Socialite Paris Hilton and her friend Doug Reinhardt kiss as they arrive on the red carpet for the screening of the film “Inglourious Basterds” by director Quentin Tarantino at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival May 20, 2009. REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

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Looks like they are ready for feeding.

Posted by Goldfish Bowl Filler | Report as abusive

It’s kind of cute actually. It looks like they’re singing a duet for Romeo and Juliet, the Musical…

Posted by Bandage | Report as abusive

the question is who is going to regurgitate the food for the one who needs to be fed, Goldfish.

Posted by minnow | Report as abusive

I just got through reading this blog, ok now what happens. I found nothing funny or amusing about it, except the if were talking bad taste this blog has it all.It’s a cheap attempt at being wierd. You want to talk about wierd, see some of the things on facebook. Their wierd,I’m wierd, the whole world is wierd, but your not wierd.I even had a friend that we call wierd Al. Now he was wierd. So bone up and forget Paris Hilton she’s just plain silly.She is certainly not newsworty after all what does she do ? DUHH! nothing I belive.

Posted by harvey karlin | Report as abusive

ooh that’s nasty … she’s gonna vomit in his mouth.

Posted by parisian fries | Report as abusive

Jeez, Harvey. That’s the problem, I’m not weird enough? I can give you references….

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive

Is he closing his eyes so he doesn’t lose an eye by getting poked by those false eyelashes? Paris could catch moths with those things!

Posted by Dr, Doll | Report as abusive

just plain silly. personally i find it rather disgusting watching pple do such fns. n purrleeasse, paris aint news!

Posted by amola | Report as abusive

OMG, OH NOOOO! OMG! Did you hear?! They broke up!!! OH the horror, OH the humanity. I could just puke!

Posted by some guy who’s being sarcastic | Report as abusive