No, we said shoot the CANNON, Mr. President!

May 28, 2009

Okay, everybody here at the ad agency is really pumped that Barack Obama agreed to be in our Canon camera advertisements, and I think the creative team has turned out some great copy to go with the photo:

“You’re only President for a few years, and they go by so quickly. That’s why more of us Presidents trust Canon to capture our cherished Presidential moments than any other camera.

“Face it. If I don’t record my presidency, then who will, so I never set foot on Air Force One without my Canon EOS.

“Yes, we Canon…”

Bravo! That’s great stuff, team. Now, how are we coming along with the Obama Wheaties commercials?

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President Barack Obama takes aim with a photographer’s camera backstage prior to remarks in Mesa, Arizona, in this handout photo taken February 18, 2009 and later released by the White House. REUTERS/Pete Souza/The White House/Handout

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i bet he’s trying to see how much more of my money he can give away.

Posted by chris | Report as abusive

…So what you’re saying is that he’s just trying to keep up with the Bushes

Posted by Detroit Johnnie | Report as abusive

Hand them out Pete Souza – keep shooting those awesome pics! Nicely done – I’m interested in seeing what the President’s photo looked like. Did anyone tell him about the back button focusing? Gotta love a photo photo.

Posted by Jenni Girtman | Report as abusive

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, I say pass out cameras to everybody in D.C.

Maybe that’ll shut them up for um…ten minutes maybe?

Posted by Brian Foulkrod | Report as abusive

You have got to be joking, @Brian! 10 minutes? Especially around Capitol Hill that’s the record of most minutes with your mouth kept shut! Surely you’re not trying to get them to push that record higher; think of the medical consequences and spillage of taxpayer’s money on medical coverage!

Posted by M | Report as abusive

ok…wishful thinking…there’s not enough film on the planet for my plan, but what’s the point in dreaming if you don’t dream on a grand (and maybe insane) scale, right?

As for the medical bills…no release of methane for 10 minutes, and they’d explode. EPA superfund bill instead of hospital visit I’d bet…

Posted by Brian Foulkrod | Report as abusive