No satisfaction in naming your band?

May 30, 2009

Blog Guy, recently you blogged about several groups doing remakes of The Beatles’ famed Abbey Road album, including the iconic cover.

My band is doing something similar. See our Abbey Road photo down below. We dress in bird outfits, and call ourselves The Birds.

Wait a minute. You can’t. The Byrds was a group from the 1960s. That name is taken.

Oh right! Those guys who did “Mr. Tangerine Man!” “Hey Mr. Tangerine man bring a bag for me…”

Well, not exactly…

Okay, then we’ll change our name. What about The Eagles? The Monkeys? The Turtles? The Crickets?

Nope. All the animal names were taken years ago by groups trying to show their originality.

How about The Animals?

Also gone.

Well crap. Okay, let’s get away from animal names. How about something like – and I’m just thinking out loud here – The Stones that Roll or something like that?

Now you’re talking.

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Above: The Beatles, Abbey Road cover

Indonesian Buddhists monks collect donations in Magelang, central Java, May 7, 2009. REUTERS/Dwi Oblo

Right: People dressed as birds cross a street in Mexico City, May 27, 2009. Members of Mexico’s Ecologist Green Party protested on International Migratory Bird Day against illegal trafficking of birds. REUTERS/Jorge Dan

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Funnily enough, Abbey Road no longer has those stripes on the crossing.

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Looks like your friend is going to be stuck with ‘The Crosswalkers’. I know it sounds a bit pedestrian but I was afraid he was going ask about Traffic next…

Posted by Bandage | Report as abusive

[…] Guy, you’ve written a lot about tribute bands imitating The Beatles’ great Abbey Road album and its iconic cover. […]

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