Oy Vaycation!

June 1, 2009

Blog Guy, I could use some travel advice. I’m going to Israel tomorrow, and I need to know what clothes to pack. I want to blend in, and not take a lot of stuff I won’t wear.

Four words for you. Fruit of the Loom.


I checked the last few photos we have showing people in Israel, and it seems all they wear this time of year is underwear.

Gosh, I had the impression they were a little more modest than that.

You’d be pretty embarrassed, showing up with all kinds of shirts and pants, only to find everybody else nearly naked.

I can’t thank you enough! I’m done packing, and I’ve got nothing but a carry-on with all my undies. I’m ready for the Holy Land! Oops, I almost forgot! I should keep out one pair of briefs for the flight over, huh? Boy, Israeli customs must be a breeze!

Yeah, that’s what people say. Send me a postcard.

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Israelis wearing underwear wait for a photo shoot organized by the underwear maker Sloggi in Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Square, May 27, 2009. REUTERS/ Baz Ratner

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As a reminder – there are other ways of vacationing in Israel where the dress code might require more than a pair of underpants to fit in….http://blogs.reuters.com/axismundi/2 009/05/27/vacation-with-a-difference/

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You know, I swear the President’s headed to Israel at the end of June…this should please those who think they don’t see enough of him shirtless. After all, the best road to diplomacy is observing local custom!

Posted by Krista | Report as abusive

Here, in its continuing efforts to get to the bottom of things, Oddly Enough demonstrates that what’s important is what’s underneath……I guess anyway…

I can see how this fashion trend wasn’t hip back when Golda Meir was around! Although it does have lots of advantages: try and conceal a body bomb in your undies!

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Sorry, on second thought, I’ll take that bit about concealing explosives back! I’ve been looking at some back-dated posts, especially ones about bras and other types of underwear and I’ve changed my mind about concealing large amounts of plastic under small pieces of clothing!

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Israel here I come…

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