Come back out, Susan, we’re not done yet!

June 2, 2009

Blog Guy, you haven’t written anything about that singer, Susan Boyle. After she didn’t win “Britain’s Got Talent” she was admitted to a London clinic, and I want to know what’s going on there.


When something touching and beautiful happens to someone, I want to make sure it doesn’t last long, and that they pay for it by being hounded to the gates of eternal hell until the day they die.

Ah, that makes sense, and as a media person I can’t turn you down. So what are you looking for?

Oh. Um, well this “place” where she is, what color is the sign outside?

Looks like green to me.

And is there an iron gate around it? And columns?

Yes and yes. Are you enjoying this?

Not as much as I thought. I want her to come back out, so I know for sure she’s being tormented.

I’m on it.

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Above: Members of the media wait outside the Priory Hospital, in north London, June 1, 2009.

REUTERS photos by Stephen Hird

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“Members of the media wait…” Isn’t THAT the story of the day? Not that Susan Boyle isn’t feeling well, but that the media–the incorrigible media–simply cannot leave her alone. The media should be banned from within two miles of a place like Priory Hospital. Hell, ban them, period, until they learn how to behave. Good lord.

Posted by SoCalGal | Report as abusive

New to this site. Please don’t make Susan miserable. She is an extraordinary talent. Want so much to hear more of her. And of you. I am intrigued.

Posted by JEAN SCHLUPE | Report as abusive

Why don’t you all just leave her alone. Your waiting outside for her appearance is not going to help at all. You’re like vultures. Leave the woman alone and allow her to get well.

Posted by Catherine Raymond | Report as abusive

Yeah, for a one shot wonder, she was great.

For one fleeting moment of fame.

I suppose.

And conceited, also. If she couldn’t be number one, she was sent to a mental health clinic.

That shouldn’t have happened, I guess. She should’ve won by the sympathy vote.

She tried before to become famous, and things didn’t work out for her.

Now, when she becomes erratic and fails again, she falls to pieces?

At least she shares one thing with Britney Speares. If things don’t all go her way, she falls to pieces.

She should never have tried to enter into a contest if she couldn’t take the heat.

Now she has won her second 15 minutes of fame.

I guess that you people are right about one thing, though.

I wish she would be left alone to go back to her flat, to live on the dole, a spinster.

I am sick and tired of hearing about her, for sure!

Posted by tim | Report as abusive

Well, what better place to go if what you’re best at is singing and ‘dreaming a dream’?

She’ll be fine. She’s only there for exhaustion and then her dream will continue with a record deal. You don’t make it as far as she did without a lot of somebodies offering you a lot of somethings afterwards.

Posted by Bandage | Report as abusive

Okay, you know Susan’s name you know Diana’s name but do we know the papazzi’s names. Let us blare out their names and explore whether Susan’s fans need to spread the journalists behavior all over the internet, all over the world! We want their names, they have her name, now let’s embarass them.

Believe me Susan has millions who love her and you can make a buck. And quit trying to call it all on her, could anyone has anyone ever stood over this kind of phenomenonal exposure to the public in such a short time. It’s so easy to blame Susan. Pick on a little lady from Scotland, bullies!

Stand up step up and give Susan’s fans free speech. For once let the press be accountable. We want their personal names! Reut out the tormenting journalist’s names-they had their chance, we just want their names so we can act fair.

Posted by Liz Gurr | Report as abusive

I really have to wonder what tearing down someone else’s ambitions and trials gains a person. While I don’t know what Susan Boyle might have in store for us, I do know that someone with that voice might as well be given a chance to show us, instead of being hounded to exhaustion and derided. I wish her the best, and if that means that she doesn’t have what it takes to make her a success, then so be it. At least I am more than willing to give her the chance, unlike those who, for no reason, feel a need to tear her down.

Posted by Michael Farren | Report as abusive

Don’t worry, Tim. She has millions of fans who will by her CD when it comes out. She won’t need to live on the dole then. I’m glad to know people like you are so understanding and considerate of others who have disabilities but still have the courage and motivation to try to make something of their lives. I hope nothing ever happens to you or a loved one, lest you be the subject of scorn you now heap upon others.

I hope Susan takes her time and gets well. Her fans will be waiting for her.

Posted by Sara | Report as abusive

Well said Sara.

I am one of her fans eager to buy a disc.

I don’t understand how she didn’t get first place
but have seen some posts which said that people tried phoning in their vote for Susan and the calls wouldn’t go through.

I also saw many phone numbers posted saying,
“Phone here to vote for Susan”. I don’t watch the show,
nor am I a Brit, so I don’t know if those numbers were

Anyway, I’m dismayed at the British press and the way
they’ve reported so negatively on her just to sell a few papers. How cheap. They should be proud of her but instead have hurt her and in doing so have shamed themselves around the world.

Posted by Lee | Report as abusive

Is this where all school yard bullies end up? – In the media making a huge effort to bully someone to suicide? We are outraged when things like this happen to school kids but yet it is called news when the media become the bully and the well known are known as fair game.
Would it actually make the media happy to see her take her own life? Does it make the media feel powerful and full of their own self importance?
leave well alone go back to reporting NEWS

Posted by Pam | Report as abusive

She is a lovely lady with a spellbinding voice. Why pick on her. I was dismayed with her choice of words but under her stress, it is more understandable. I wish her health and continue to use this beautiful voice.

Posted by William Hast | Report as abusive

I think this whole thing has been set up by simon cowell or whoever is pushing for susan boyle to get a record deal as a way to continue to get her publicity. Hollywood is always thinking of ways to manipulate the public. Simon is very smart and knows how to play the game.

Posted by sceptic in the biz | Report as abusive

It seems that the gentle art of irony has gone the way of the dodo, courtesy on public transport and the CD.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

the medias behaviour only proves how decadent thay really are.

how do thay look another human being let alone family members. in the eye and exclaim that they are proud of what thay do.
the only word british media cannot spell is shame.
we await susans first cd.

Posted by brian wright | Report as abusive

As touching as everybody’s expressions of humanity and solidarity with Susan Boyle are, I really think we should remember this is a blog to look at the lighter side of the news… as in, be light, irrelevant and irresponsibly silly. I believe Robert’s post shows exactly the same kind of solidarity, albeit with his traditional sense of humour! Lighten up, guys!

Posted by M | Report as abusive

Any human being with decent morals can understand that certain individuals cope better with stress than others. What makes the pressure worse is the critics, I couldnt imagine being placed under so much pressure and still giving such a brilliant performance! Well done Susan, Im a big fan of yours! Get well soon!

Posted by Stefan Rau | Report as abusive

Indeed, this IS a bull pit for bullies!

I make some remarks discounting the non talent of Boyle, and watch all of the bullies come in to cry and tear at me!

Boo hoo! Where’s my psychiatrist when I need one?

Oh, that’s right. I never have needed one!

Wahhhh wahhhh wahhhh!

Do you think I can get into her clinic?

Posted by tim | Report as abusive

Get well soon! Susan. I love ya!

Posted by Roger Chan of Hong Kong | Report as abusive

It is so distressing how the media and certain posters on various sites have been so cruel to this woman. All she wants to do is sing. The comments made about every aspect of her as a person has been horrifying. We — yes, we: the media, the public — built her up overnight and just as quickly tore her down. The show did not do enough to protect her and the other contestants. It’s not right. If Susan has had trouble coping in the glaring global spotlight, if some of her behavior was less than proper towards certain people, she’s human, she should apologize when she’s able, and she will learn from her mistakes. Would anyone else do better in such an abnormal situation? Susan is a good and talented woman. There’s no reason to villify her. I too would love the name of the so-called journalists who upset her deliberately in public for the sake of a headline. They are disgraceful individuals and should be publicly punished and fired. Who are these people? Have they cravenly gone into hiding? Susan, you are a brave woman, and I hope when you emerge strong and rested, you surround yourself with talented and savvy pros who will carefully manage you and help you learn the ways of the world in the Internet age. I hope you have a long, happy and successful career. You deserve it.

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