Mess hall food no Dutch treat?

June 6, 2009

Blog Guy, I read that Australia’s troops in Afghanistan are unhappy with their food. Apparently they don’t like the stuff that the Dutch-run mess hall is serving. Could Dutch food really be that bad?

No. The Dutch eat lots of great cheeses, and all kinds of chocolate and stuff.

That sounds yummy. Have you been to Australia? What do they eat there?

Yes, I have. They eat Vegemite, this dark brown food paste that they spread on everything.

Ewwww. What else do they eat there?

Things called witchetty-grubs, which are worms.

Hmmm. So it’s worms and icky veggie spread vs. Gouda cheese and Droste Cocoa? What are the Australians doing about it?

Our story says they’re rushing in a special team of Australian cooks. And, I would guess, planeloads of worms.

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Britain’s Prince Charles pretends to eat a witchetty-grub during a bush foods demonstration at the Desert Park in Alice Springs, Australia. REUTERS/David Gray

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I know you’re just taking the piss, but obviously you’ve never been there. I don’t know anyone except for stupid tourists who have eaten witchety grubs!! We don’t expect anyone to like vegemite – it’s an acquired taste like olives, anchovies, coriander leaves, hot curries and most good things we eat.
Aussies eat mostly meat(lots of steak and fish) and fresh fruit and veges, quality nutrition which from my experience is hard to find anywhere else. Of course we drink lots of beer and water too, although good wine, cheese and pasta are big favs now too with the Italian assimilation.Our cuisine is as good if not better than anywhere in the world due in large part to the large numbers of immigrants.

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Thanks for your comment. I have been there, but haven’t eaten the grubs or Vegemite….

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Mr Bob,

And I thought that eating C ration from WW2 vintage, in the 70s, was bad…

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well i have been there recently and the range of foods is astounding. all ethnicities. in my case some things better then what i get back home imho
but the ads suggest and some observations indicate that all they want is meat pies. some vendors really good and some like recycled cardboard, colouring and artificial flavors
and lots of beer
[other weird thing – aussie men cry alot]

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I have lived in the Netherlands for the past 7 years and yes the food is that bad! After having lived in Italy, France, Cyprus and other Mediterranean countries for most of my life, I was very much dissapointed in the local cuisine. Any country that has a national dish called stompfpot does not appreciate food. If we want good food we go to Germany or Belgium…

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All things cooked in Dutch ovens can’t taste good…

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Surely you are not disparaging the olliebollen now, are you?

Posted by tim | Report as abusive

The grubs taste better than Vegemite. I say this only because most things are better than Vegemite. About the only thing that is worse is boiled testicle.

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The reason you guys don’t like Vegemite is that you have never tried it with peanut butter. Yummy.

Posted by detroit johnnie | Report as abusive

I’m an Aussie – love my vegimite. Do realise that it’s not to everyones taste, as I can’t stand olives.

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