June 8, 2009

Oh my God!

Ralphie, what’s wrong?

That chick coming this way. That’s my Internet date! I recognize her from her picture, and I think she’s really pissed!

No! Nobody uses their real picture online! What does she think YOU look like?

I may have sent her a shot of Hugh Jackman. What the hell am I going to say to her? What if the OTHER stuff she told me about herself is true, too?

Like what?

Like she’s a Supreme Imperial Goddess from another galaxy and she’s here to meet guys to see if her people will let us live! She says she has SUPERPOWERS! Do you think she does?

Are you out of your mind, Ralph? Look at her! How could she NOT have superpowers? You think maybe she’ll just kill YOU and spare the rest of us?


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A model presents the latest collection by Larisa Katz of the Netherlands at a show during Bahrain Fashion Week in Manama, May 30, 2009. REUTERS/Hamad I Mohammed

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This picture was really taken on the way BACK on the runway, and the model is just dying to show her appreciation of the feathery jolly mess she’s wearing to the designer. Spare me, I’d like to ignore the details of such a furious display of emotions.

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Ol’ Cap’n Sully is about to learn just what happens after you suck an angel straight through your jet intake.

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Her lip gloss may be just a shade too pink…

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Sure, she looks great but taking Pam to the movies is such an embarrassment.

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When the designer asked her ancient tailor what color he was going to use for the skin-thight outfit, he recommended gold, to which the designer replied, “Midas well.”

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See? THAT is what happens when a bird hits your gyrocopter!

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Happy reincarnation! Nice to see you again, Mist… er… Miss Presley.

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