Knees? What kind of joint is this?

June 13, 2009

Blog Guy, you’ve helped other readers in the past with unusual photo collections. You remember, one person collected shots of rich people eating ice cream, and another wanted dancing U.S. presidents.

Anyhow, I collect photos of golfers’ knees. Can you help me out?

I’ll try. Here’s one of Tiger Woods’ left knee. Enjoy.

Oh, sorry, my photos have to show BOTH knees, or they’re no good to me.

Ah. Okay, here’s both of them. Enjoy.

Thanks. Also, got any of chess players’ elbows?

No, that would be stupid. Go away now.

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Golfer Tiger Woods sitting courtside during Game 4 of the NBA Finals basketball game between the Orlando Magic and the Los Angeles Lakers in Orlando, Florida, June 11, 2009. Woods returned to the PGA-tour in February after an eight-month lay-off for knee surgery. REUTERS/Hans Deryk

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This sounds like a plea from a kneedy fetishiat!

How sick is that?

Ya got any pics of womens feet, btw?

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Seen your link in twitter!
best wishes!!!

Mr Bob,

I get it! This is a trick question!

What are three joints in the knee, human type, (1)ea.,

Patellofemoral joint
Lateral tibiofemoral joint
Medial tibiofemoral joint

What do I win, Alex?

A bunch of money? A trip to the Bahamas? A new car?

If it’s a car, I want a Chrysler. Since they have been taken over by Fiat, well…

Let’s just say that I always wanted a new Fiat C! With loads of money! In the Bahamas!

Or could I trade this all for a chance at winning a new titanium knee?

I can knee these old golf balls much more accurately with some titanium, by golly!

I may have blurred TV gaming together a bit here.

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