Royal pain in the Ascot?

June 17, 2009

Listen up magazine staff, this is a disaster! We’re right on deadline for our “Day at the Races” photo spread, but the captions are missing.

All we know for sure is that some of these photos were taken at the Royal Ascot race in the UK yesterday, and the others were taken at various Preakness Stakes, in Baltimore. But which ones are which?

Let’s see. Here’s Prince Charles in a top hat and morning coat holding an umbrella, and here’s a woman chugging beer from a tube…  Hmmmm. Just too close to call.

And over here we’ve got a woman dodging a flying beer can at an infield party, and we also have some women in fancy chapeaus having a picnic out of the back of their limousine.  Cripes, can anybody help me out here?

Royal Ascot slideshow

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Above: REUTERS photos by Jason Reed and Eddie Keogh

Below: REUTERS photos by Jonathan Ernst and Andrew winning

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Well, I’d say… the bra on that woman… the size of the limousine…

Nope. I’m stumped.

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I googled ‘Shawn Hendricks’ and it linked me here. Imagine my astonishment.

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Er, can I have Jonathan Ernst’s job when he retires or has an um… unfortunate accident?

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Freddie Mercury would have loved this spread, considering ‘Royal’ in Britain these days implies a Queen. A Day at the Races, indeed!

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Let’s see. Freakness has forbidden alcohol on the infield this year, hasn’t it? But Americans are danged ingenious when it comes to Freedom of Alcohol Consumption (alcohol even has its own constitutional amendment). Yellow tags on the limos. Is that really Prince C.? Big, honkin’ mounted police shoulder patches and a guy wearing a blue football jersey. Those are some serious clues, Bob.
BTW, judging from the femme’s expression, maybe she didn’t dodge the can after all.

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Are we sure they didn’t photoshop in the open-mouthed, soda swilling babe from a different kind of ‘picture?’

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