The real, actual, genuine arrival sign!

June 18, 2009

Blog Guy, I just heard that a pilot on a Continental Airlines flight from Brussels to Newark died in mid-flight today!

That’s true. But the plane was landed safely by two co-pilots.

Yikes! That raises so many questions!

Like what?

Like, when the plane landed, what did the arrival sign look like?

I’m very glad you asked that, complete stranger. It gives me the opportunity to use our actual photograph of the sign, which otherwise nobody might ever see. It looked a lot like this.

Amazing! were you alone with that shot?

Um, something tells me others managed to get it, too.

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Above: A message board shows the arrival of flights at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, June 18, 2009. The pilot of Continental Airlines flight 61 died in mid-flight and the plane landed safely under the control of two co-pilots.

Right: cameramen shoot the arrival boards.

REUTERS photos by Eric Thayer

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Wing and a prayer? Dead stick landing? Put the pilot in an upright and locked position?

Snakes? tell me. Dead pilot? I’d rather not know.

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Welcome back, Sixty…

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive

Where’d the hottie in the post titled “flash” go. :(

I miss her already.

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So–what’s the big deal here? Co-pilots landed the plane? Does anyone out there not realize that the first officers (the real name for copilots in an airline) do half the flying–every other flight, usually?

As a major airline first officer, I’ve been flying for over twenty years. I have thousands of flight hours, and tens of thousands of landings. It’s no big deal. Relax, everybody…

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I’m thinking of some whacked out ‘weekend at bernies’ skit.

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For crying out loud! There were two other qualified pilots on board. The media’s making this sound like Airport 1975 with a stewardess landing the plane with a gaping hole in the cockpit.

The old saying about all news being bad is, “The newspapers don’t report the planes that land.” Well, now we’ve seen it all.

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Don’t worry, JD, she’ll be back. That item slipped through before it was fully cooked, but you’ll see it again soon.

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Why did they put it on the arrivals board? Surely it would have been better suited to “Departures”?

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@ Martin

Hahaha! Nice! Destination: The Ultimate Vacation Paradise!

Where are the faithful when you need them?

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“We’ve got to get this pilot to a hospital!”

“A hospital? What is it doctor?”

“It’s a big building with lots of beds, but that’s not important right now…”

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So a pilot died.
I wounder if thats why redundancy is required in commercial flights.
A plane has 3 engines and it can acutally fly just fine with 2 and can due pretty good with just 1.
The media is trying to make news out of nothing.
Lets get back to the realy issue, our President just murdered an innocent fly on National TV.
“Murder in the White House”
Now thats a story. :-)

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[…] 2. The real, actual, genuine arrival sign! […]

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@ GoingLikeSixty – I just became a card-carrying fan of your wicked sense of humor.

@ Robert B: Your blog is my go-to place for a light hearted laugh at the rest of the world…not that living in rural Missouri is devoid of giggles, as evidenced by the rampaging cow parade of 2008.

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newspapers in brussels…

Who says the internet is full of garbage?? Great post, I was searching for newspapers in brussels and came across it. Glad I did….

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