I said RED wine, butt-face!

June 19, 2009

If you weren’t convinced the world is going to hell from reading my post on the Heart Attack Grill, here’s an item that should put you over the top.

You know how, after a hard day of work, you really want to find somebody to belittle and demean and taunt?

Yeah, me neither. But now there’s this bar that actually encourages its customers to insult the staff, and even gives free drinks for really creative abuse. Seriously.

“When you come in after work, you can swear at them and call them bastard or imbecile,” said one happy customer.

Here’s what I think would be REALLY neat. I like to imagine that as this bar gets more publicity, people will come from farther away to try their abuse, and some of them will accidentally go to the bar across the street. The one owned and staffed by twisted psychopaths and recently released homicidal maniacs.

I’ll just sip my drink and watch the fun.

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Above: A boat sails past buildings at the coast line of Cullera, Spain, where the bar is located, March 27, 2009. REUTERS/Heino Kalis

Below: Co-owner Michal Lotocki (L) and a customer argue and insult each other in a friendly way at the ‘Casa Pocho’ bar in Cullera, June 18, 2009. REUTERS/ Heino Kalis

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Haha… Hahaha… Hahahaha….

So they get to feel free to insult the staff while they get drunker by the minute…

Something tells me we’ll be hearing more from this place…

Posted by Bandage | Report as abusive

I thought that is what the wife and kids are for.

Posted by Tim | Report as abusive

what is the difference between this and Dick’s Last Resort Bars and Restaurants?

Posted by kelly | Report as abusive

This is nothing new. Dicks Last Resort chain has been doin this since the early 90’s.

Posted by Uziel | Report as abusive

Funny. I thought the bar would be named France.

Posted by Shawn Hendricks | Report as abusive

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where is this bar located? i need the address…

Posted by Berenice | Report as abusive

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[…] Oddly Enough » Blog Archive » I said RED wine, butt-face! | Blogs | […]