Don’t turn around, Mr. President!

June 23, 2009

It’s me, Blog Guy, the aspiring photojournalist you’ve been mentoring. Congratulate me, I just shot my first presidential event, and here’s my shot! What do you think?

Um, it’s pretty much in focus, I’ll say that for it.


Good use of depth-of-field. I like those lights in the background.

Thanks. What else? Don’t be afraid to be critical.

Well, I was just wondering, did  you shoot from the same angle as the other photographers?

Funny you should ask. I barely saw them – they were standing across the room, in FRONT of the President, which seemed funny to me. I bet they got nothing but crap.

No doubt. You just keep doing what you’re doing. Someday this photo could be on the front of the Obama $1,000 bill. Or on the back of it, at least.

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President Barack Obama discusses fatherhood and mentoring at an event in the East Room of the White House, June 19, 2009. REUTERS/ Larry Downing

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Typical story. Now that he’s been elected we really get to see him from all sides…

That is really a nice photo to put in the back of a dollar bill…
But it got the job done. Did you post any of the photos of the other photographers? This way he got is photos published…


Quem é a mais linda do mundo? É a Ana, veja em

Is that called flying in the face of photojournalistic tradition?

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[...] Guy, it’s me. That aspiring photojournalist you’re patiently [...]

[...] Guy, it’s me. That aspiring photojournalist you’re patiently [...]