When a mommy and daddy love each other very much…

June 24, 2009

Blog Guy, my mom told me to ask you about the birds and the bees.


She said you know a lot of stuff and you could explain it to me.

That’s quite a responsibility.  I checked yesterday’s photo file, which is where I get most of my information, and I think I can help you.

It turns out, bees land on sunflowers in California to gather pollen, and birds sit in nests in Belarus. Does that do it for you?

I thought it would be a little more interesting. After all, I am 26 years old!

Ah. In that case, be patient. I’m sure we’ll have some more shots of Victoria’s Secret models in the next few days.

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Above: A bee lands on a sunflower to gather pollen in Encinitas, California June 23, 2009. REUTERS/Mike Blake  

Left: A white-tailed eagle chick sits in its nest in a forest near the village of Tsemenitsa, Belarus, June 23, 2009.  REUTERS/Vasily Fedosenko

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good post friend!!!

Posted by along2481 | Report as abusive

HELLOOO! -Still waiting on those models!… Anyway, do birds and bees help for setting up a date or can I just show them this post?

Posted by Bandage | Report as abusive

You won’t need that, Bandage. Dudes who read this blog NEVER have trouble getting dates. It’s a fact.

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive

Well, you’re right as usual. I just checked with my wife and she agrees.

Posted by Bandage | Report as abusive