Don’t trip on the gun at the altar…

June 27, 2009

I’ve blogged before about Saint Death, this grinning skeletal figure who isn’t recognized by the Catholic Church, but is revered by drug traffickers and other criminal scumbags.

I get a kick out of this guy, because I don’t begin to see how he fits in with regular theology. I noticed this photo when soldiers in Mexico seized a house used for storing marijuana and a lab producing cocaine. According to the caption this is an “altar to venerate Saint Death.”

Looking at the AR-15 rifle leaning against the thing, I’m thinking they meant “ventilate” instead of venerate.

Anyway, note the statues of the saint and the large work of art. The caption doesn’t say, but I’m hoping and praying the artwork is made of velvet. It just seems right.

To get scholarly for a moment, the blown up section shows Death is smoking a joint, something you rarely see in religious art apart from Saint Jerry Garcia. He is also waving a scythe, similar to the one Saint Happy New Year! carries.

Finally, in big gold lettering on the frame we see SANTA MUERTE, which I believe translates to “Maybe we should have chosen another frickin’ career.”

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An AR-15 rifle is seen at the base of an altar to venerate Saint Death, inside a house seized by the army during an operation in Monterrey, northern Mexico June 23, 2009. The army seized a house used for storing marijuana and a lab producing cocaine during an operation early Tuesday. One man was detained and three more escaped, according to local media. REUTERS/Tomas Bravo

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I don’t exactly expect anyone to be rational here but if I were part of the congregation, I would strongly prefer to be the one closest to the altar.

Posted by Bandage | Report as abusive

Despite the menacing figure, I was under the incredibly uninformed impression that “Santa Muerte” is referred to in the feminine.

Posted by Joanna | Report as abusive

If you belittle gods saints you’ll go to hell!

Posted by David | Report as abusive

Drug house, pah !!
I see an Ewok, Princess Leia and the dark Emperor. With a dodgy poster of Kate Moss in her thin days.
There’s nothing sinister here, just Mexican nerds!
What ? The rifle, thats just de rigueur in Mehhhico these days, senor!

Posted by Flopagrunnybarcus. | Report as abusive